Openbox VX IPTV Seller on Facebook Fined £50,000 by Scotland’s Court of Session

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated June 18, 2024

With Facebook updating its Marketplace policies to disallow pirate IPTV boxes and promotion of pirate streaming services, a vendor has found himself in legal trouble for violating the new rules. Luke Skinner from Edinburgh has been asked to pay £50,000 in damages after being found guilty of selling pirate Sky TV boxes. The seller did not take any efforts to cover his tracks, making it easy for him to be tracked and convicted in court.

Scotland’s Court of Session fined Skinner and also prohibited him from selling IPTV subscriptions going forward. The fine will be payable to Sky TV. Online piracy is becoming a rampant problem and with billions of users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, selling illegal items is easier than ever. Skinner openly sold pre-loaded Openbox VX and Openbox VX2 boxes along with subscriptions. The boxes allowed users access to Sky TV content at just £35 per year or £75/£85 for two years and also included the box.

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Image Courtesy of BroadBand TV News

Sky TV is satisfied with the compensation and Head of Litigation Matthew Hibbert stated “Those who infringe copyrighted content do so at their own risk. This case is another example of the heavy price people who facilitate piracy can pay.”

Kodi boxes were recently banned on Facebook, but it seems like the social media company is not restricting itself to pirate Kodi boxes alone. The company is monitoring sales of any illegal IPTV subscription and boxes and is reported offenders to legal authorities. If social media websites keep cracking down on IPTV boxes, it might get very difficult for sellers to continue illegitimate boxes and subscriptions.

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