News is found hosting a Pirate Torrent Site

Written by Deepak Parihar
Last updated July 14, 2021

Piracy is a monster, and the Internet is your bed, under which the monster hides. Often the monster gets creative and manages to hide brilliantly, but it cannot hide from everyone - not all the time. Today, Torrent Freak reported that it stumbled upon a copy of the popular site 1337x on under the domain “” Now, this is a news, as is a massive brand which was established in 1996 and has a business model that sells hotel inventories and tickets, chiefly for deals in New York.

It is still a mystery that why an established business would bother to expand its domain to a torrent site. Torrent Freak believes that the presence of a torrent site in one of’s domain is not an intentional move, rather it could be a part of a breach. Logically stating, it could be an old content delivery network (CDN) domain entry which could have been breached by the torrent site.

The result of the breach is visibly damaging to the brand, which has built the trust amongst its users over the past couple of decades. is seemingly hosting thousands of pages that have copyrighted content, sharing which is apparently illegal. Hosting such a torrent site is not something a legitimate website would do.

Torrent Freak has reported that the entire “” domain is being used by the torrent site. still reportedly use CDN which is now served from The mentioned breach has clearly cheated the staff that manages the site, as there were no reports on the breach, neither it has been fixed. However, the breach couldn’t escape the eyes of the various copyright holders. As per the report, popular content creators and publishers including Sony Pictures and Netflix has sent a takedown request to Google against the domain.

The report also mentions that the first takedown request was raised early in June, which was subsequentially followed by reporting more than 1000 URLs. It is unknown if any of the mentioned publishers have tried to directly contact

Torrent Freak did report the issue to the site’s owner, to which the’s spokesperson replied, ‘the issue has been reported to the development team.’

Expectedly, will soon take down the torrent pages, or at least announce the reason behind hosting them.

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