Now Students Can Create Custom VR Tours With Google Tour Creator

By Goran Spasojevic / May 9, 2018

Google is launching its new feature in the VR field, called the Tour Creator. This service gives the ability to anyone who wants to share their VR experience with others, to do that in a very easy way. You do not need any kind of special knowledge in order to create professional-looking VR content by simply using imagery from Google Street View or your own 360 photos.

The whole idea, as Brittney Fraser says, regarding the Tour Creator came from the teachers and students. Back in 2015 Google Expeditions gave more than 3 million students in different schools tools for virtual reality and augmented reality content. The main idea was to make learning about the world fun and interesting for students using Google Cardboard VR tool.

students using google cardboards

Image Courtesy Of Kingsland CE Academy

A positive feedback from teachers and students also gave the company an idea of creating this new service which would allow them to share their VR experience with others. Now, students will be able to create their own tours which can help them learn and story tell their experience.

The way Tour Creator works is it lets the user put their own material and make a 3D virtual tour of anything they want. After that, they only need to publish it on Poly, which is a Google's library of 3D content and share it with others.

There is even an option to embed their tour on their school's website. Later this year, Google will implement another feature that allows users to import these tours into the Expeditions application.

If you want to try and build your first tour, just go to the Tour Creator official link and follow the step by step process.

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