Next-Generation Amazon Fire TV Device Speculated To Be The Fire TV Cube

By Nitish Singh / April 25, 2018

The Next generation of the Fire TV is being teased by Amazon right now. There is a page on Amazon’s website where you can sign up to receive more news about the upcoming Fire TV Cube. While the page is empty and there is no information on the product, details are supposedly coming soon.

There have been publications in the past that have hinted at the device, and the box-like contraption is supposed to be the new Fire TV device with hands-free Alexa support similar to the Fire TV. The current-generation Fire TV devices come with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant and require a separate voice remote for voice activation or an Echo speaker.

The Cube is set to exclude both of the above requirements. You don’t need the speaker or the remote to make it work and it will come with an inbuilt stereo speaker and will work even if your TV is not switched on, according to AFTVnews. The device is reported to be capable of streaming 4K HDR video as well.

Fire TV Cube

Image Courtesy of Engadget

However, all of the information we have is pure speculation until Amazon confirmed the details. There have been various leaks, and with more info coming soon from the e-commerce giant, we shall get all of the details shortly. Engadget received scans from a manual that came with an Amazon Ethernet Adapter, and one of the illustrations depict the Fire TV Cube. The ports are located on the back of the device and offer Infrared, Power and HDMI connectivity. It also comes with a “Network” port in the form of a Micro-USB port, making it likely that the device cannot be powered by TVs and will need a separate adapter for powering the device. With the sign-up page for the device already up, it is likely the device will be announced very soon.

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