New Report Suggests That iPhone X Plus Will Be The Same Size As The iPhone 8 Plus

Written by Goran Spasojevic
Last updated May 18, 2024

We are already used to discussing different rumors regarding the latest iPhone models. And after the newest report by Macotakara, we are now able to guess the size of the new iPhone X Plus. According to this report, the size of this model will be roughly the same as the iPhone 8 Plus. This information is supposedly based on a "reliable supplier source".

Although rumors are saying that iPhone X Plus will have a 6.5-inch screen, and iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen, the bezels on the iPhone X Plus have a lower design which will make these two models have a very similar overall size in the end. As Mashable notes, we can check this by looking at the current iPhone X model which has an overall size of 5.8 inches while the iPhone 8 model's size is 5.45 inches even though it has a smaller size display.

Rumors also suggest that iPhone X Plus will be slightly thicker than iPhone 8 Plus because of the different implementation of the rear camera. There could also be no camera bump on the back.

The Macotakara's report continues with the news regarding the iOS 12 features. The most important update will be the horizontal Face ID unlocking. Current iOS only supports Face ID unlocking if you hold your phone vertically. This feature makes sense if we take into consideration the size of iPhone X Plus and that many users will be using it in a horizontal mode. This also goes well with the latest rumors regarding the new iPad and how it too will have the Face ID support.

Of course, Apple hasn't confirmed any of these rumors yet and we can expect more details in September. Current rumors about the price and specifications suggest that the iPhone X Plus will cost $999, it will have an OLED display, 4GB of RAM and a larger battery life.

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