New Information About PlayStation 5’s DualSense Leaks Online – Along With a Real-World Video Validating the Leak!

By Novak Bozovic / August 3, 2020

A few days ago, we saw AMD reports stating that PS5 chips are on the right track – and will ship without any delays. This means Sony has probably finalized the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, which should soon enter the production phase. However, this also means we can count on leaks surfacing on the Web - especially if this final stage doesn’t prove to be as leak-free as Sony would have wanted.

What we’re talking about here is an interesting Reddit post (a summary of the original), published by an individual claiming to have access to the all-new DualSense controller. Although plenty is already known about this peripheral, we’re forced to rely on promotional images. Therefore, seeing the controller in a video is the best way to get a glimpse of what to expect. And this is what the freshly published Reddit post is all about.

What’s not surprising is that Sony has been very adamant about taking down any online leaks. That’s precisely what had happened with this one as well. However, there’s always a way for any information and media to resurface on the Internet.

With this said, we bring you an overview of everything that the original Reddit post said before it got deleted.

To validate the information found above, the leaker has also posted a quick video of the controller. As you can expect, many instances of the video have already been removed. However, there’s still one version of the video online.

DualSense Controller Buttons Closeup

Image Courtesy of Sony.

In addition to everything said above, there are freshly-released “official” bits of information about the new DualSense controller. In an interview with IGN, a developer behind “Ghostwire: Tokyo” stated that the new controller adds another layer to the gameplay, making it more immersive. It was also said that “You need to experience it directly because this is very difficult to explain both verbally and in text, but the DualSense haptics and adaptive triggers allowed for us to feel and experience the various actions and attacks like never before.”

One thing is sure – all of this information will probably create an even more massive hype surrounding Sony’s new console. If you’re looking to learn more, here are our reports on the PS5’s specifications, officially announced accessories, and upcoming games.

Also, make sure to check the possible software features of the PS5, as well as when pre-orders are expected.

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