Netflix Subscribers Can Now Watch Partially Downloaded Content on Android

By Lore Apostol / June 29, 2021

Netflix subscribers who use the Android app can now stream content without waiting for the download to complete. This new feature is exclusively available on Android phones and tablets for the time being. However, Keela Robison (Vice President, Product Innovation) announced in a blog post that they would "begin testing on iOS in the coming months."

Streaming shows and movies before their download is completed is a very useful thing for people who are about to board a plane or commute for a while since it could be inconvenient when the data plan is maxed out or the wi-fi connection is not stable. Even though this development is only for Android, it is still a nice thing to see as Netflix improves customer experience a little.

Source: Netflix

You can find the partial-download viewing setting in the Downloads menu, and if you start streaming content that's not fully donwloaded, you'll get a notification to resume download as soon as the device gets a better connection. So, this is clearly a relief for subscribers who rely on Netflix to make their commuting or traveling time fly by.

Most probably, the entire library will be available for download (the regionally available one, that is). Keep in mind that starting in 2022, Netflix will be the first streaming platform to get Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) films right after their theatrical releases.

Netflix rolled out another feature in February, the “Downloads For You” system that enables users to configure automatic downloads of recommended shows and movies.

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