NBC’s Free News Streaming Service Will Launch Early May

By Nitish Singh / March 11, 2019

For a couple of months now, NBC has been testing its news streaming service - NBC News Now. It has been available to a limited number of users. However, as of early May, the new service is going to make its launch to the general public. The National Broadcast Company has confirmed the news on their Twitter handle.

At the time of launch, the service will be available on a plethora of devices including Apple TV and Roku. Users will receive eight hours of original programming every day. Live updates will also be available on the hours, along with a dedicated section for breaking stories.

NBC News President, Noah Oppenheim stated that they aim to steer the service in a direction where it can provide around-the-clock content to the modern demographic. The channel will have original programming for its viewers. However, to fill up the run-time, other material will be pulled from NBCUniversal like news on sports and e-news.

Anyhow, with all things considered, NBC has taken a lot of time to enter the field, and it will be very difficult to make a stand. The company will face tough competition from the likes of ABC News Live, CBSN, and even Cheddar, all of which has gathered a decent userbase.

But alas, as Oppenheim points out - the way people are consuming news these days are “changing rapidly”. At this pace, if the company fails to act soon, they might miss out viewers to the cord-cutter trend. And as the saying goes, “it is better late than never.”

So, are you excited about NBC News Now, and will you include it into your own news consuming habits? Share your opinion in the comments below, and spread the word of this new news streaming service by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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