My Hero Academia: Who is Izuku Midoria’s Dad?

By Samona Punjabi / February 4, 2022

Season 5 of My Hero Academia delivered some unexpected twists, with Shigaraki becoming the head of the formerly Meta Liberation Army and Deku discovering he can use not one but two quirks! The stage has now been set for the "Paranormal Liberation War" Arc, likely being covered in Season 6. While the upcoming arcs will also deliver shocking revelations, some questions remain unanswered in the anime series and manga.

The most frequently asked question about protagonist Deku's backstory is his father. Fans know Deku's backstory as a formerly quirkless boy who wanted to be a hero like his idol, All Might. We have also seen Izuku's adorable mother, Inko Midoriya, who loves her son very much. She has often been seen crying and worrying about Deku's safety because of his exploits at U.A. Regardless, she has always supported her son and even made the first version of his super suit.

Deku's mom makes his first super suit.

However, the real question is, who is Izuku Midoriya's father? What does he do? Why does he never visit his family or his son at the very least? Well, Izuku's father is alive. Read on to find out what we know about him so far.

Who is Deku's Father? Will Deku Ever Meet His Father in the MHA Storyline?

My Hero Academia might not have revealed much about Izuku's dad, but it has given us some information. In the first few anime series episodes, we find out that Izuku's parents have quirks. When Inko takes Deku to the Doctor to find out about his quirk, she explains that her quirk attracts small objects. She also explains that her husband's quirk is fire breathing.

Izuku and Inko at the Doctor's office

We are also aware that Deku's father's name is Hisashi Midoriya. However, all we know about Hisashi is that his work has taken him abroad. While we understand having a parent working in another country is pretty standard and could be the case for anyone, we don't know why he's NEVER around. It's assumed that Hisashi's quirk is probably not very strong since Inko brushes it off while explaining it at the Doctor's appointment.

We're trying to say that it's alright that Hisashi doesn't live with his family because he has to work. However, why isn't he ever shown interacting with them in the slightest? We've never seen Izuku talking about him or talking to him on the phone. We've never even seen a picture of Hisashi! We only know about Deku's father through his mother or the author Kohei Horikoshi himself, which we find a bit odd.

If Horikoshi wanted All Might to fill the role of a father figure in Deku's life, why include Hisashi in the story at all? He could have made Inko a single mother or a widow. We believe that there is a reason behind Horikoshi including him in the story without revealing anything about him. We also assume that Deku doesn't know much about him because of Hisashi's absence.

All Might with the Midoriya family discussing Izuku's future at U.A.

In 2018, during an interview, mangaka Kohei Horikoshi stated Izuku's dad would be revealed eventually. Horikoshi's secrecy regarding Hisashi has led us to believe that there is more to his character than let on. While we don't have any more information on Hisashi, we do know that My Hero Academia Season 6 is slated to release in October 2022!

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