My Hero Academia Creator Gives Bakugo a New Costume

By Samona Punjabi / February 5, 2022

My Hero Academia's Class 1A student, Katsuki Bakugo, has seen the most character development than any other throughout the series. At the beginning of the series, Bakugo was seen as a bully who only sought to make our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya's life a living hell. In addition, he treated his classmates like a hindrance rather than his friends, often calling them "extras." Bakugo was someone who only cared about winning and becoming the most powerful Hero in the world.

If you watch the latest season of My Hero Academia, fan-favorite anti-hero Kacchan seems to have mellowed down. While his goals have remained the same, Bakugo's character has astronomically developed since Season 1. While he's still as hot-headed as ever, he's seen taking part in more activities with his classmates than before. In Season 5, when U.A. held joint combat training sessions for class A and class B, Bakugo shone brighter than anyone.

Team Katsuki in the Joint Training exercise against Class 1B.

For their joint combat training, Class 1A and 1B competed against each other in a head-to-head battle in teams of four. While most teams seemed to struggle against their opposing team, Bakugo maintained perfect coordination with his teammates and cleared the round in less than 5 minutes, shocking even the teachers. The character also seems to be getting along with his childhood friend Izuku nowadays, acknowledging him as a rival and someone to compete against.

Being one of the few people who knows about Deku's secret about One For All, he often offers him advice and even helps him train to develop his quirk. It seems that creator Kohei Horikoshi has taken Bakugo's recent "sweetness," if it can be called that, to the next level by placing him into the hero outfit of Class 1A's Rikido Sato AKA Sugarman. The artwork will be featured in the upcoming publication of My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions Volume 3. Check it out below:

MHA's Sugarman doesn't get as much screen time as characters like Bakugo, Deku, or Shoto Todoroki; however, his quirk "Sugar Rush" increases his strength based on his sweets consumption. Sugarman hasn't had a huge role to play so far. However, during the fifth season's Joint Training Exercise Arc, he was luckily placed onto Bakugo's team. The recent artwork from Horikoshi hints at Bakugo and Sugarman having some major moments in the upcoming season six, arriving this fall, which is set to adapt the story of the War Arc and the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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