My Hero Academia: How Did Deku Get Blackwhip?

By Samona Punjabi / February 5, 2022

My Hero Academia Season 5 saw its formerly quirkless protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, developing a second quirk! In Season 5, Episode 10, titled "That Which Is Inherited," Deku manifests a brand new quirk called 'Blackwhip,' surprising not only fans and his classmates from 1A but All Might as well. In the episode mentioned above, U.A students from Classes 1A and 1B undergo a joint training exercise.

For their joint combat training, Class 1A and 1B compete against each other in a head-to-head battle in teams of four. The students are joined by Hitoshi Shinso, a student from the regular course who fought Midoriya during the sports festival and is eager to enter the Hero Course. Since the exercise is also meant to be an entrance test for Shinso, he participates in Team Asui (1A) and Team Monoma (1B).

Team Monoma is incidentally paired against Team Midoriya, leading Deku to recall his first fight against Shinso during the sports festival. He also remembers that when he was under the spell of Shinso's quirk 'Brainwash,' he saw the previous users of One For All for the first time. Before the battle begins, All Might, who also seems to have realized this, tells Izuku to be careful of Shinso's quirk.

Deku saw the previous users of One For All for the first time.

How Did Deku Manifest His Second Quirk, Blackwhip?

During Deku's battle against Team Monoma, things don't go according to plan. Before the match begins, Neito Monoma finds out that Shinso could control Deku during the sports festival because he insulted his classmate. This gives Monoma the idea to rile Deku up during their fight to distract him from his goal. While Izuku and Neito battle it out, the latter taunts Deku but takes it too far this time.

Neito asks Deku how Bakugo can still smile despite knowing that getting captured by the League of Villains brought about the end of All Might's reign. This infuriates Deku, who prepares to shoot him with an air blast. However, several black tendrils suddenly emerge from his arm because of his rage. This shocks everyone watching the match, including the teachers and All Might.

Deku's Blackwhip goes on a rampage.

Meanwhile, Deku cannot control the tendrils as more of them start to emerge. Ochako tries to stop Deku's rampage but is unsuccessful. However, Shinso then attempts to use his 'brainwash' quirk against Izuku by asking him a question, and this time he willingly answers, knowing it is the only way to stop the black tendrils from hurting his classmates.

The Origin of Blackwhip

Entranced by Shinso's 'brainwash,' the black tendrils immediately go back inside Deku, who once again enters the 'Vestige' dream world of One For All. He's then approached by a man whom Deku recognizes as one of the previous users of OFA, Daigoro Banjo. Banjo tells Deku that he is not alone. As he attempts to yell at Deku and ask him some questions, he soon realizes that the latter cannot talk in the Vestige world.

Banjo realizes that he's about to fade away, while Deku concludes that the users aren't simply vestiges but fully conscious beings living within One For All. Daigoro, knowing he's going to fade away soon, tells Deku that the black tendrils were his quirk called 'Blackwhip.' He tells him that all of the previous users' quirks are mixed in with the core of One For All and that the core has now started to grow.

Daigoro Banjo using 'Blackwhip.'

Daigoro also tells Deku that he could use 'Blackwhip' because the latter wanted to capture Monoma. He explains that his quirk is the most useful in a situation like that and presents itself in Deku's time of need. He also tells Deku that because of how much stronger One For All is now, 'Blackwhip' has essentially grown in power. He also explains that it came out in a rampage because Deku used his power in anger.

Daigoro then tells Deku one of the most exciting things about his future. He explains that because the core is finally expanding, Deku will receive six quirks from the previous One For All users, adding that the quirk will finally be complete.

Daigoro tells Izuku about 'Blackwhip.'

Can Deku Control Blackwhip?

After finding out about 'Blackwhip,' Deku is sent back to the real world, where he fights Shinso once again. However, Deku CAN control his newly acquired quirk this time, though it's only for about three seconds. After the battle, Deku tells All Might and Bakugo about the user who told him about 'Blackwhip,' and the three try to figure out ways to control it. Bakugo trains with Deku to get the tendrils back out again; however, the two are unsuccessful.

Deku using 'Blackwhip' under control for less than 5 seconds.

Soon after, Deku and Bakugo join their classmate Shoto Todoroki for their internship at the new number 1 Hero, Endeavour's agency. During his internship with Endeavour, he receives some helpful tips on how to control his new power. Endeavour also gives him advice on using both of his quirks simultaneously. At the end of the week-long internship, Deku successfully uses 'Blackwhip' to save a bunch of civilians in cars. Although Deku can only use his second quirk for a short amount of time, he CAN essentially control it and use it in times of need.

At the end of the season, Deku discusses his quirk with All Might and Bakugo, who wonder what will happen next. Bakugo then asks what quirk Izuku will gain next. All Might tells them that it will be the quirk of his master, Nana Shimura: Float.

All Might, Bakugo, and Deku discussing One For All and the next quirk to develop.

It looks like Deku will acquire another quirk in the coming season. According to Banjo, in addition to 'Blackwhip' and 'Float,' Deku will receive five more quirks. My Hero Academia Season 6 is slated to air sometime in October 2022, and we can't wait for Deku's new quirks!

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