Mozilla VPN Upgrade Introduces Two Advanced Privacy Features

  • Mozilla VPN has introduced two advanced privacy features, custom DNS servers, and multi-hop.
  • The first one can enhance speeds and give more control to users while the second is offering more protection.
  • Mozilla VPN is still under heavy development and still not rolled out everywhere in the world.

The Mozilla VPN has published the details of a major upgrade that involves two new advanced privacy features that give the product a more competitive placement in a crowded market. This is a relatively new product that has operated in stable status for about a year now, so it’s still being built. The first media reviews found it generally simple and trustworthy but bashed it for the lack of notable privacy tools. It appears that Mozilla has heard the community feedback, so this upgrade is bringing aboard what the product lacked.

First, a custom DNS (Domain Name System) option is now added in DNS settings, letting users set the DNS of their preference. This is more of an advanced feature for power users who know what they’re doing. For the rest, Mozilla VPN offers recommendations like ad-block and anti-tracking servers offered directly through the service. The main benefit of using a custom, trusty DNS, is internet speed, but of course, this is essentially a privacy-enhancing feature.

Source: Mozilla

The second thing that’s added to Mozilla VPN now is the “multi-hop” feature, which is like using a double VPN layer, getting all your internet traffic router through two VPN servers for maximum obfuscation and privacy protection. As it happens with Tor, this is expected to have some impact on the browsing speeds, as bounces inevitably introduce delays. However, for activists, politicians, journalists, or anyone who has a good reason to take their privacy very seriously, this is a nice option to have on Mozilla VPN.

Source: Mozilla

Mozilla VPN is currently available in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. If you reside in any other country, your only choice will be to join the waitlist and be informed once the product is made available in your location. It is a generally inexpensive and trustworthy solution that stands out against the competition mainly because of its associations and the entity that is backing it.



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