Survey Reveals More Users Are Deleting the Facebook App Than Ever Before

By Nitish Singh / September 6, 2018

The Cambridge Analytica scandal and other recent data breach events that affected Facebook had adversely affected the social media company’s user base. Data misuse isn’t being taken kindly by users according to a survey by Pew Research Center.

The survey revealed that approximately 42 percent of all surveyed Facebook users had taken breaks lasting several weeks or more in the past year. The survey was conducted from May 29th through June 11th amongst US citizens who are 18 or above.

Over 50% surveyed Facebook users revealed that they had adjusted their privacy settings after finding out about the recent data breach. The survey also reveals that there are no political links and both Democrats and Republicans are equally likely to take a break from the platform.

Facebook User Trends

Image Courtesy of Pew Research Center

According to Pew Research Center, “Facebook has separately faced scrutiny from conservative lawmakers and pundits over allegations that it suppresses conservative voices. The Center found that the vast majority of Republicans think that social platforms in general censor political speech they find objectionable.”

Over 50 million Facebook users had their data illegally sold by Cambridge Analytica to third parties, without the social media company knowing anything about it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to appear in front of many legal bodies in Europe, the UK, and the US to address the issue and the company has promised to take precautions not to let similar incidents re-occur.

Following the scandal, the social media company updated its privacy settings which allow users to download all collected data. However, only 9% of users have chosen to take a look at what personal data has been used by the company since the launch of the service.

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