Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2 With Four New Features

  • Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2 digital whiteboard with smart features.
  • New Surface Hub comes with four flagship features and easier setup.
  • More information on Surface Hub 2 full specs, price range, and a release date is expected by 2019. 

When Microsoft introduced its Surface Hub back in 2015, everyone applauded the idea of having a digital whiteboard in the conference meetings. An 84-inch panel came with a hot price too, $21,999. Soon some cheaper options have arrived on the market, like Google Jamboard and Samsung Flip.

Today, Microsoft is announcing its Surface Hub 2 with a bunch of new features to silence the competition once again. Robin Seiler, Microsoft’s general manager of hardware engineering, said that the main point of the new Surface Hub is on productivity.

According to him, the new device will be easy to set up and work instantly as you walk into the room. It will also be optimized across any OS. We can also expect 4K dual cameras and display with a resolution larger than 4K.

Surface Hub 2 Immersive Collaboration
Image Courtesy Of: Tech Freaked

As Seiler continued, there are four flagship features which will make this new whiteboard stand up from the competition. They include:

  1. Immersive Collaboration provides us with the life-size video conferencing. While we are having a video call with someone, we do not have to shrink their face, but instead, use the full capacity of the Surface Hub 2.
  2. Dynamic rotation makes sure that your canvas stays straight while you rotate the display from 0 to 90 degrees. This makes the presentation flow a lot better since we do not have to wait for the screen to re-orient itself.
  3. Tiling works great if you have up to four Surface Hub 2 whiteboards and you need to tile them together in order to create one big canvas.
  4. Dynamic Collaboration is a new feature that lets two team members actively collaborate on the same project at once using one Surface Hub 2 device.

We can expect more details on Microsoft Surface 2 like full specifications and a price range ahead of the 2019 release.


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