Microsoft Needs To Change Its Primary Focus In Order To Stay Relevant

By Goran Spasojevic / May 7, 2018

Microsoft is slowly trying to become known for something more than just a Windows company. The company is reshaping itself and using rival technologies whenever it is possible to stay relevant. The CEO Satya Nadella has led Microsoft into the new fields like a cloud, AI, quantum computing, and Mixed Reality.

And with the announcement of Windows 10 becoming the last operating system in the series, which will then only be updated, we can expect the company to choose a new field on which it will place its primary focus.

The Verge says that Microsoft Build 2018 Conference is a very good opportunity for the company to show what will be its main point of interest in the years to come. The first indication that this is going to happen is the fact that organizers have moved presentations regarding Windows demos to the second day of the conference. This is not typical since Build conferences are usually focused on Windows 10 updates and other consumer products from this company.

office 365 infographic

Image Courtesy Of CenCal TEK

On the other hand, the company is showing a lot of attention to the business users. And why wouldn't it? Many businesses rely on Windows and the Office suite which are now backed by cloud and subscription services.

However, shifting all of its energy to these products can be a risky move for someone like Microsoft. The reason for this is simple. Google has been pushing its G Suite services like crazy. The G Suite lets you use documents, sheets, presentations and store them on a cloud drive for free.

New generations of workers are getting used to working with Google's services and Microsoft could easily end up becoming irrelevant in this particular field.

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