MediaTek Rumored to Introduce a 4nm Mobile Chip Soon

By Bill Toulas / April 20, 2021

We already know that TSMC is readying for the launch of its 4nm platform by the end of 2021, but some reports coming from Chinese media claim that MediaTek will beat them to the punch, releasing the first 4nm chip first. Previously, experts in the field expected MediaTek to go for a 5nm chip, as the current flagship, Dimensity 1200, is actually built on a 6nm fabrication process. So, a 5nm chip would still be an improvement, but MediaTek wants to go for a leap, hoping to steal the glory.

But achieving the 4nm process technology is not enough on its own - you also need to achieve good enough performance on a thermally optimized package. You also need to have production volumes to accommodate customer demands, especially during this particular period of time. The report claims that the production aspect is covered and will be comparable to that of Apple. It is mentioned that OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi have already placed orders to MediaTek.

And then there’s the price, which is traditionally the strong point of the MediaTek choice. When going to 4nm, seeing some increase in costs is inevitable and unavoidable, so the price tag of the next flagship of the Taiwanese chipmaker is expected to rise to about $80 (520 yuan). This will be reflected in the prices of the smartphone models that are going to use the “Dimensity 2000”, but we reckon it’s still going to be lower compared to Qualcomm’s 800-series chips.

Or maybe, this will be an excellent opportunity for MediaTek to shake off the impression that they are the “cheaper” choice and push for a dynamic enhancement on its brand image. Before we get to that, though, we’ll need to see some benchmarks, thermal results, energy consumption tests, etc. And if the new Dimensity is capable of competing with the imaging prowess of the Qualcomm 888, MediaTek will have a historic opportunity soon.

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