Mark Zuckerberg’s European Parliament Hearing to Be Live Streamed

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on May 21, 2018

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani tweeted earlier today that the scheduled meeting with Mark Zuckerberg will be live streamed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was requested to allow the meeting to be live-streamed, to which he agreed to make the private meeting a public affair. The criticism by the lawmakers, public and the members of the European Parliament led to the change.

The meeting will also involve the European Parliament’s political groups as well as some of the members of the Parliament. The meeting will be live-streamed directly on the European Parliament website tomorrow from 12:15 PM ET to 1:30 PM ET (6:15 PM to 7:30 PM CET).  The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani declared that he personally talked to Mark Zuckerberg about the possibility of making the meeting public, to which the CEO agreed to. European citizens were not too happy about the meeting is private, which led the parties to reconsider.

Mark Zuckerberg

Image Courtesy of CDN

The European Parliament will discuss topics similar to what was brought up in Mark Zuckerberg’s recent congressional hearing. With the GDPR going into effect later this week, there are many concerns with regards to privacy for Facebook users. Users who want to view the meeting can do so through the European Parliament website during the designated timings.

Zuckerberg is likely to be questioned regarding the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and other issues on data privacy and data handling on the platform. The scandal put 87 million Facebook users at risk with their private data being misused. The Facebook CEO has already attended a congressional hearing to discuss the company’s censorship views, privacy protection and data collection which clarified a lot of the doubts surrounding the company and the scandal. Zuckerberg, however, declined to meet with the UK committee when he was asked to appear for a hearing. The company sent representatives instead with whom the UK council was not happy with.

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