Leaker Claims Apple Will Soon Launch Low-Cost iPad and iPad Mini

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated May 15, 2020

Last week, we took the opportunity to analyze Apple’s ongoing strategy to hook people into its ecosystem and more specifically the profit-making Services, by launching content-consuming devices that target the wider audience. That is, devices priced at the lower end of the spectrum, that are generally considered more “inexpensive” and “budget-friendly” if you like. Allow us to return to the same story by grasping the opportunity from another rumor about the launch of a low-cost iPad that will be featuring the A12 chip.

The leaker who made the revelation on Twitter has a proven track record, so he/she is considered reliable. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also stated that Apple is currently working on two new iPad models, a 10.8-inch one and an iPad “mini” that is going to sport an 8.5-inches screen. He also confirmed that Apple would be targeting the “affordability” range for these products. Some believe that the consumer electronics maker will opt for larger bezels in these models not to cannibalize the sales of more “premium-priced” iPads. Still, others think that we’ll get a “sexier” design compared to the older models. The anachronistic design approach was the path taken for the recently released iPhone SE 2020, so the former scenario makes more sense.

As for the A12, the chip will be two generations ahead of what’s on offer on the current entry-level model, which is an A10 chip. The A12 is the heart that beats inside the iPhone XS and XR devices, so we’re talking about a very capable processor that won’t have any trouble handling the consumption of any media, playing games on the Arcade, or even carrying out heavier production-grade tasks.

Refreshing the “basic” and “mini” iPad makes sense right now, and Apple has been doing it yearly anyway. Now, the design, as well as the actual cost of the new models, will play a key role in their market success. After all, the older models with the Retina displays are working just fine for most people, and they are still supported with iOS updates.

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