Is Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll?

By Samona Punjabi / January 11, 2022

As an anime aficionado, you're probably wondering where you can watch Attack on Titan's final season right now. Season 4 part 2 of AOT was released on Sunday, January, and to say that fans were excited about the show's return would be an understatement. The first episode of the eagerly awaited last season was titled "Judgment."

The second episode of the final season, which will release on Sunday, January 16, is titled "Sneak Attack / Deception." But all of that aside, if you haven't been able to watch the new season yet, we've got you covered. Read on to find out if Attack on Titan is on Netflix and Hulu, and where else you can stream it.


The number one source for all anime content, Funimation is all set with the latest episodes of Attack on Titan. The website currently has all the seasons of the series, including all the OVAs that were released in between.

In addition, Funimation also has a recap movie after season 3 titled "Attack on Titan: Chronicle" which retells the first three seasons of the series. The platform also features several interviews and "inside the episode" videos with the voice actors from the anime, including the director. Fans in the US can buy a premium subscription for Funimation starting at just $5.99.


One of the most popular platforms for anime and manga content, Crunchyroll also has all the fan-favorite Attack on Titan series episodes. Just like its parent company Funimation, Crunchyroll also features all the OVAs that Attack on Titan has released over the years. Fans who do not have a subscription to Crunchyroll can get one starting at $7.99 in the US.


In some more good news, Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 is is currently streaming on Hulu. The OTT platform was a little late to the game, releasing the episode a few hours later than the others. However, all the seasons, including the latest episodes, are now available on the streaming site.

Fans should note that if episode 2 of Attack on Titan's final season follows the same streaming schedule as previous installments, the episode will release on January 16 at 3:45 p.m. ET on Hulu.


Both Netflix and Tubi are currently only offering the first season of Attack on Titan on their respective streaming services. Even so, we're hopeful that Netflix will eventually add the newer seasons to its platform in due time with its increasing and vast popularity. However, it looks like Netflix isn't going to obtain this 2022 installment or any other newer installment of Attack on Titan any time soon.

Adult Swim

If you have a valid cable login in the US, Seasons 1-3 and Part 1 of Season 4 is streaming on the Adult Swim website. While the platform has not yet released the newly released episode of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2, there's no reason to believe that it won't do so soon.

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