iPhone 13 Box Comes Without Plastic Wrap (Avoiding 600 Metric Tons of Waste)

By Novak Bozovic / September 15, 2021

Apple is no stranger to unpopular measures for the sake of preserving the environment. Last year, the company decided to ship the iPhone 12 in a small box without a charger. That trend continues this year as well, with Apple removing another component from the iPhone’s box. However, we’re talking about the outer plastic wrap this time around. 


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What’s the Deal with Redesigned iPhone 13 Packaging?

It's true; the iPhone 13 comes in a redesigned box that comes without the outer plastic wrap, which was present on all iPhone generations (and all other Apple products) until now. As per Apple's explanation, that action alone will avoid 600 metric tons of plastic from going to waste, bringing the company one step closer to eliminating plastic from all packaging by 2025. 

However, it's worth mentioning that Apple's environmental efforts didn't start and end with the plastic wrap. It's interesting to note that the iPhone 13 comes with antenna lines that use upcycled plastic water bottles transformed into a high-performance material. 

On top of that, the Cupertino-based company uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in magnets found in MagSafe. The same applies to tin and gold, which are 100% recycled across all iPhone 13 models. 

So, How Does That Affect the End User? 

Well, it doesn't. Apple's approach to saving the environment might be somewhat aggressive, and it might align with its financial goals. However, this year around, the above-mentioned environmental efforts don't affect the end-user (unlike last year). 

Finally, we’d like to mention that the latest iPhone generation is the strongest yet. No matter which iPhone 13 model you pick, you’ll get unbelievably strong specs. That especially applies to the camera department. And also, despite the advances in its performance, you still get the best battery life yet, up to 2.5 hours more than last year. 

So, what do you think about Apple's decision to remove the plastic wrap from iPhone 13's box? Let us know via the comments section below. And finally, thank you for reading!

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