Instagram is Rolling Out Voice Messaging for All Users Globally

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 13, 2021

After months of rumors and speculations that Instagram is working on voice messaging in DMs, we finally have confirmation about the feature. Voice messaging has been available in popular messenger apps for years, and Instagram Direct users will finally be able to send audio recordings to their friends to communicate instead of relying on texts alone.

To send a voice message, users need to press the microphone button for a couple of seconds, and it will automatically trigger the voice recording menu. Simply record what you want to say to your friends and tap on the button again to stop recording and send the message. There is an audio wave that shows up to indicate that your voice is audible. Unlike other types of media that get deleted after you view them in direct messages, voice recordings stay permanently in your inbox. The feature is currently rolling out for iOS and Android users globally.

Earlier this year, Instagram released its video calling feature and users have been requesting a voice-only calling feature ever since. While it is not the same as calling on Skype or Viber, it is definitely better than having no voice calling at all.

Hands-free messaging is a whole lot more convenient when you’re traveling. It also helps save on data costs as voice messaging is far more data efficient compared to normal audio or video calls. The release of the voice messaging feature pushes Facebook deeper into the voice market, with WhatsApp and Messenger already competing against other popular. Facebook has been expressing interest in breaking into the voice market for quite some time now, but we did not see any anything new from the company until the release of its Portal devices earlier this year and now the launch of Voice Messaging for Instagram.

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