Question Stickers Make Instagrammers Even More Interactive

Written by Copley Sutton
Last updated July 13, 2021

Instagram added yet another feature to its Sticker menu. Users can now add a Questions sticker to any image they publish. It's another attempt from the brand to provide users with ways of getting to know each other via online activities. Any friend can type a reply to the question.

This isn't the first feature Instagram created to improve users' communication on the platform. There's already a polling and an Emoji sticker. With this new one, there's no way users can get bored anymore when stuck in a queue somewhere. Stimulating conversations can happen right on Instagram.

However, there are some concerns and hopefully, the brand will soon launch an upgrade. Firstly, the replies are noted where you can see how many people viewed your story. For some reason, Instagram didn't set it up to benefit from Instagram Direct.

Instagram questions

Image courtesy of Kopitiam Bot

The second concern is privacy. Users that reply must be comfortable with the person knowing what's said. Each reply will show who sent it. Only the person who asked the question can see the replies. It can then be republished without any name or profile picture. In this context, the provided information is still secure. However, we all love screenshots. The reply as seen by the recipient can easily become part of a forwarded screenshot. In this manner, your name, picture, and comment will become public knowledge. Therefore, think twice before you reply.

For the moment, users can quickly get access to this feature by simply accessing the Sticker menu and picking 'Questions' from the list. Then it's a simple task of typing your question and waiting for responses. Your question along with your posted image will create a new story post. With a total of three lines available per question, it's possible to ask simple or more in-depth questions.

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