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Instagram Introduces Outages Alerts and an ‘Account Status’ Tool

By Lore Apostol / October 12, 2021

Instagram announced two new features to help users have a better understanding of their accounts and the social media platform. These are a tool called "Account Status," and outages alerts to let users know when technical issues affect the app.

In an effort to help people better understand what is happening and how the issue is fixed, Instagram introduced a set of notifications that announce temporary technical issues and also that they have been fixed when this happens.

source: Instagram

Instagram also mentioned:

We’re testing a new feature that will notify you in your Activity Feed when we experience an outage or technical issue, and when it is resolved. We won’t send a notification every single time there is an outage, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we’ll determine if something like this could help make things clearer. 

Moreover, they are also adding a new tool called "Account Status" to help oversee your account - a place where you can find all things related to your Instagram account and content distribution. So far, we only know this tool will inform people if their account is at risk of being disabled and that more information will be added to it in the coming months.

Of course, you can also make an appeal if you think Instagram is wrong by using Account Status's "Request a Review."

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Recently, Instagram renounced the unique IGTV format after it didn’t return the desired outcome, so it combined all the video types into one “Instagram Video” format, except the Reels. Just last month, the social media platform announced that users would be able to compile a Favorites list and have their posts prioritized on their feed.

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