How You Can Fight for Net Neutrality? – Speak Your Mind Now!

By Novak Bozovic / December 20, 2017

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has ended the Net neutrality as we know it. This regulation served to prevent ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from creating so-called fast and slow lanes. This has been the governing law since the early 2000s, making sure that every Internet user is treated equally.  However, things have changed once Republicans entered the White House. Despite our best intentions, our digital word might soon change – for the worse. Still, the fight isn’t over! Here’s how you can fight for Net neutrality.

How You Can Fight for Net Neutrality?

What you need to know is that there are still chances to turn this situation to your favor. Even though the FCC repealed Net neutrality, this change will need time to become active. The chances are that the US Congress will have a final say. This makes it incredibly important to join the battle and say what you have to say.

There are numerous advocates and organizations battling for the open and free Internet. You can show their support to them, or you can take the matter into your hands. Here’s are all the ways you can contribute.

Battle for the Net

At the moment, Battle for the Net is one of the loudest protesters against the recent developments. This is a joint initiative created by three organizations: Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and the Free Press Action Fund.

Visit the organization’s website where you’ll find a few useful tools. For example, you can input your phone number and be connected to your representative. There are also plenty of useful information to inform you of what to say.

How you can fight for net neutrality

5 Calls

This is an incredibly helpful organization that makes it easy for you to call the people in charge. What you’ll find helpful are instructions and scripts that teach you what you need to say. This will help you to talk with more confidence and say all the right things.

Make sure to check out 5 Calls, where you can even find a direct line to Pai’s office at FCC.

Free Press Action Fund

As said before, the Free Press Action Fund is an important part of the Battle for the Net initiative. However, they offer a unique functionality on their official website. You can enter your ZIP code and, and based on that information you will find the correct numbers of your representatives.

How you can fight for net neutrality

Electronic Frontier Foundation

If you can’t (or don’t want to call) a representative, you can send out emails which might be equally effective. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (use the link to access their website) provides tools to help you write an email message to your representative. So, make sure to fill their inboxes with urgent messages.

Submit a Filing to the FCC

Did you know that you can write directly to the FCC? Now is the time to voice your opposition to the Net neutrality repeal. You can do that on FCC’s website, using a form you’ll find on the provided link. It’s important to write ’17-108’ under ‘Proceedings’. Then, you can fill out your personal information.

In the comments section, feel free to express your support for Net neutrality and Title 2 oversight of ISPs – which is exactly what the FCC is fighting against.

How you can fight for net neutrality

Email the FCC Leadership

Are you looking for a way to send a message directly to the FCC leadership? If that’s the case, here are the email addresses you need:

Use the provided emails to create and send a message directly to the FCC leadership.

Spread the Word

Finally, you can spread the word by sharing information on social media. You can visit Battle for the Net and download banners and images that you can post. In case you have a website, here’s an interesting widget that you can easily integrate.

Final Thoughts

We have provided plenty of ways how you can fight for Net neutrality – so make sure to pick the option you think is the most effective. Don’t give up! There’s still plenty of time to turn the situation around.

Tell us in the comments section what do you think about Net neutrality? Have you taken any action so far? You can also help us spread the word by sharing this article across social networks. Thanks!

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