How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 Online Without Cable From Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / March 15, 2022

Season 2 of the Young Rock series is back and is set to premiere soon. The first season became NBC's biggest comedy in years, and we're excited to have some fun again. Of course, we will be able to watch it all online, so if you're a fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, let's see when, where, and how to watch Young Rock Season 2 online from anywhere.

The first season was co-created by Dwayne Johnson and Nahnatchka Khan and was a big success, so the series was renewed for a second season. We will have The Rock as narrator and executive producer on the show, and the series focuses on chapters of Dwayne Johnson's life, starting from growing up with his family, his early life, his teen years, and so on. The plot of Young Rock Season 2 is expected to revolve around him becoming The Rock as a WWE celebrity and becoming a Hollywood star. We were also given hints on Dwayne running for the US presidential elections in 2032, so we may also see political figures.

The main characters in the show are expected to reprise their roles in Season 2 - Adrian Groulx as Johnson at age 10, Bradley Constant as teen Johnson, Uli Latukefu as Johnson aged 18 to 20, and Dwayne Johnson as himself. Stacey Leilua as Ata, Joseph Lee Anderson as Rocky, and Tulisia as Lia. Also, Senator Elizabeth Warren may have a cameo.

Young Rock Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, and you will be able to watch it on NBC on the premiere day and on NBCU's streaming platform Peacock the day after. As it usually happens with streaming services, new content lands sometime after midnight PT. It's expected the series will have eight or nine episodes this season.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 Online From Anywhere

Since there are so many live TV and streaming platforms available nowadays, you can easily watch content online with a subscription as long as you are in your home country. However, it's a whole different story if you are traveling abroad or even to some states because most of these services are geo-restricted. You can bypass this issue and watch Young Rock Season 2 online with a VPN subscription since this tool makes it seem like you are back home and lifts the geo-blockade from anywhere.

We recommend ExpressVPN if you're looking for a VPN that can easily lift geo-restrictions for several streaming platforms such as Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, and others. This is one of the best tools on the market right now, and it has thousands of servers all around the world, fast and stable connections, strong encryption to protect your data. What's more, it's extremely easy to use, and you can even try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE since this tool offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

You can also take advantage of a great deal right now if you subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount and 3 Months FREE). To get started, go to their website to create an account. So, fill in your details and make the payment, then download and install the tool's native app for your device or system. Once that's done, pick a server from a location in your home area and turn on the VPN. Now that the geo-restrictions are lifted, you can finally access the streaming platform and watch Young Rock Season 2 online from anywhere after the title becomes available on the service.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 in the US

Since this show airs on NBC, you will be able to watch the network live online through live TV streaming services, and some of the episodes on the NBC website. Moreover, some on-demand platforms will host it as well.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 Without Cable:

The Sling TV live TV and streaming platform is one of the cheapest services on the market right now, and you will find NBC in select markets as part of their $35 per month Blue plan. It also offers a 3-day free trial, up to 50 channels from various categories like news, live sports, and entertainment, and you can also add several extra packs and premium channels if you want to customize.

You can go for fuboTV if you're a sports fan since this service offers multiple sports channels besides the regular networks. This service has three packs here, and all of the plans include NBC, so you can easily watch the show online. The plan prices start at $64.99 per month with Starter, and you also get a 7-day free trial - and several other perks are included.

You will be able to watch NBC live on Hulu + Live TV. You will find the first season of Young Rock in the Hulu On-Demand library, and Season 2 is expected to land there as well. Subscription plans start at $64.99 per month if you select the ad-supported plan, and you also get Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for free as a bonus deal.

You will also find Young Rock Season 2 on YouTube TV, which has a promotional price right now of $54.99 per month for the first 3 months and $64.99 per month thereafter. There's also a free trial included, and that varies depending on the current promotions.

If you can wait a day, the title is will be available on the Peacock live TV and streaming platform because it's an NBC original. This means all you need to do to watch Young Rock Season 2 online in the US is to subscribe to Peacock. The service offers an ad-supported Free tier and an upgradable paid Premium tier. Season 1 is available for free, but if Season 2 won't be, you will need to go for the paid options - the limited-ads Premium tier costs $4.99 per month, and the Premium Plus tier costs $9.99 per month.

If you are an Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox customer, you can get the Peacock Premium tier for free. Peacock offers native apps for iOS and Android devices, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media streaming devices, and you can see the full list of compatible devices here.

You won't be able to watch this series if you're traveling away from the US. However, you can lift the geo-blockade as long as you use a capable VPN simultaneously with the streaming platform. You just need to choose a server located in the US and turn on the VPN before accessing the streaming service for this to work.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 in the UK

If you live in the UK, you probably already know that the service had a soft launch in the UK and Ireland in 2021, so the Peacock service is now available in the UK as part of the Sky TV and NOW streaming platforms. However, the title will land on Wednesday, March 16. The NOW streaming service has Peacock in the Entertainment Pass plan, which starts at £9.99 per month. Moreover, you can also enjoy a 7-day free trial if you are a new customer.

Outside the United Kingdom right now? Then use a good VPN, you will lift the geo-restriction while abroad and watch Young Rock online when it premieres on the platform. Just select a UK server and turn the app on before accessing the streaming platform.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 in Canada

Canadian fans of the show will be able to watch new episodes from Young Rock Season 2 live on Citytv. The most recent episodes are easy to watch for free when they land, but you will need to log in using credentials from your cable TV provider if you decide to watch them later on.

If you're traveling away from Canada, you should keep in mind that all streaming platforms are geo-restricted. This means you will need to use a VPN to lift the blockades. You just need to select a server located somewhere back home where the platform is not blocked and turn on the VPN before accessing the streaming service.

How to Watch Young Rock Season 2 in Australia

If you live in Australia, this title is available to watch on Foxtel - Young Rock will land on FOX8 - and online on Foxtel NOW. You will also be able to stream the title on the streaming service called Binge. Prices start from $10 per month on Binge, and all packages include a 14-day free trial for new customers.

Almost all streaming platforms are geo-blocked, so if you want to watch Young Rock while traveling abroad, you will need to subscribe to a capable VPN first. You just need to select a server location in Australia and turn on the VPN before accessing the streaming platform.

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