How to Watch Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 Online Free – Stream the Charitable Event from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / June 9, 2024

Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 is a charity match that pits football superstars and celebrities against one another in aid of UNICEF. The event will be available via ITV, ITVX,  STV, and STV Player.

Since these services are UK-exclusive, they block your access via an error message if you travel abroad or live in another country. All streaming platforms can read your IP address and learn your physical location in the process, but you have a simple solution to this issue. A VPN is a legal way to circumvent the geo-blockade and remove the error message outside the UK. 

This comprehensive guide will help you learn when, where, and how to stream Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 anywhere, why you need a VPN for it, the 2024 event preview, lineup, and more.

Where Can You Stream Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024?

The 13th edition of the charity football match premieres in the UK on Sunday, June 9, 2024, via ITV1 and STV. A live stream is available on ITVX and STV Player. Soccer Aid 2024 will have TV coverage from 6 pm - 10 pm GMT, and the main event kicks off at 7:30 pm GMT. Here's where you can see the 2024 Soccer Aid for UNICEF live stream:

Streaming Service Monthly Price Starting At Available Locations
ITVX Free (with ads) UK
STV Player Free (with ads) UK

If we had to choose between these two options, we’d select the ITVX service because it has a bigger library and a superior user interface.

How to Watch Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 Online with a VPN

Unblocking geo-restricted services has never been easier. You only need to run the VPN app on your device via a server from a country where geographical blockades do not apply. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Sign up for a VPN that easily works with British services (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the native VPN app for your device or system.
  3. Open and switch on the VPN app on your device via a UK server.
  4. Access ITVX or STV Player and watch Soccer Aid.

Why Should I Use a VPN to Watch Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024?

You need a VPN to watch Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 online because all streaming platforms are geo-restricted. ITVX and STV do not work outside the UK due to geo-restrictions resulting from limiting licensing agreements, but this tool can safely circumvent any blockade based on geographical location. 

For instance, ITVX shows an error message for people who try to stream titles from its library from abroad without a VPN, and it reads: "Outside the UK? Due to our broadcast and content licenses, you can only watch ITVX in the UK."

itvx geoblock error message

Nevertheless, making your device appear to be physically located in the UK alleviates this small setback. You can gain access to these platforms by acquiring a UK IP address, which removes the error message. A good VPN can effortlessly take down geo-restrictions that ITVX, STV Player, and other platforms apply. NordVPN is suited to void geo-blockades and enable you to access any restricted service.

Resorting to one of the best paid VPNs on the market today is the way to go. A premium tool shields your devices from potential online threats via high-standard security features. It provides you with top privacy perks to protect your data on the internet while you stream your preferred content.

How to Access Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 from Anywhere

Countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia do not have a release date for Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 yet. However, a reliable VPN can help you unblock any of these UK services and stream the friendly match from anywhere.

Keep reading to learn all the details on streaming Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 in the UK.

How to Watch Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 for Free in the UK

People in the UK can watch the Soccer Aid 2024 event on ITV1 and STV on June 9, 2024. You can stream the match via these network’s streaming services.  The program starts at 6 pm GMT, while the main event debuts at 7:30 pm GMT.

You can stream Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 for free on ITVX via its ad-supported tier. An upgrade to ITVX's ad-free tier costs £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year, with a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. STV Player has an ad-supported Free plan and an ad-free version that costs £3.99 a month.


UNICEF's annual charity football match was created by Robbie Williams in 2006 and has raised over £90 million in aid for UNICEF UK to date. The 13th edition sees England face a World XI, who in previous years have competed as the Rest of the World – with both teams made up of an exciting mix of celebrities and former players, whose level of ability ranges from former professionals to novices.

The match lasts 90 minutes, and if the score is level, a penalty shootout decides the winner. The game has been mixed-sex since 2019, with both men and women competing. England has won five, and the World XI/ROW team has won seven of the Soccer Aid competitions. 

The 2024 game will take place at Stamford Bridge in west London, home to Chelsea. Stamford Bridge hosted the event back in 2019. This year, former Blues superstar Eden Hazard will make his World XI debut. 

This year's lineup features huge names, including Usain Bolt and Sir Mo Farah Roman Kemp. UNICEF UK Ambassador Dermot O'Leary will host the live show, which will again be joined by UNICEF UK high-profile supporter Alex Scott.


Final Thoughts

One can easily stream Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 on ITVX and STV Player in the UK, but these services are blocked outside Great Britain. Hence, people who travel abroad or live in another country can use a VPN set to a UK server to remove geo-restrictions.

NordVPN is our recommendation for the job. This premium VPN is the best choice to heavily protect your device and privacy via best-in-class features while unblocking all streaming platforms courtesy of over 6,300 fast and stable VPN servers in 111 countries worldwide and unlimited bandwidth and speeds. Besides, it offers a 30-day trial period to gauge its features.

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