How to Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion in Order (With Movies)

By Samona Punjabi / April 25, 2022

The apocalyptic mecha anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, follows the story of fourteen-year-old Shinji Ikari. His father recruits Shinji to battle monsters known as Angels while wearing mecha suits called Evangelion. The series features several intimate storylines, ancient mythology, and technology beautifully fused.

Several critics had applauded the series, maintaining that it was fairly ahead of its debut time. Shinji, who agrees to take up the responsibility of fighting the Angels, has a hard time with it. He faces several inner conflicts, both religious and existential. The series first came out in the mid-90s, making the mecha genre popular again!

The original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series only has one season with 26 episodes. It has three original movies, three remake movies, and many other installments like the short movies and parody series. Fans looking to watch the series can check it out on Netflix.

The chronological order is the only order we recommend for first-time watchers or fans rewatching the series. Viewers can skip Evangelion: Death and Rebirth since it's only a recap of the first 24 episodes of the original anime series. The short film and the parody series can also be skipped since they have no impact on the main storyline.

Neon Genesis Evangelion key characters
Neon Genesis Evangelion key characters

Check out the full list of Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes, movies, remakes, and the chronological and release order to watch below:

Release Order

TV Series


Movie Remakes

Other Media

Chronological Order

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