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How to Watch Capital’s Summertime Ball 2024 Online Free from Anywhere

Published on June 23, 2024

Celebrate the arrival of summer with Capital's Summertime Ball 2024, a massive stage featuring several performances by artists to welcome in the sunshine. The recorded live performances will air on ITV1, ITVX, STV, and STV Player

ITVX and STV Player are only available in the UK due to geo-restrictions. However, music aficionados can catch the event with a VPN and sidestep geo-fencing wherever they are.

This article will teach you where and how to stream Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 from anywhere with a VPN. We have also included a preview and a list of the performances that rocked the stage during the live event.

Where to Stream Capital's Summertime Ball 2024

For those who would like to watch the show on TV, the Capital's Summertime Ball airs in the UK on ITV1 and STV on Sunday, June 23, 2024, starting at 6:30 pm GMT. It will be available to stream on ITVX and STV Player

Streaming Service Monthly Price Starting At Available Locations
ITVX Free (with ads) UK
STV Player Free (with ads) UK

We would recommend ITVX out of these options, as it has a bigger content library across genres. 

How to Watch Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 Online with a VPN

Just because you are not in the UK does not mean you cannot enjoy the show. With a good VPN, you can unblock ITVX  and stream it from anywhere. Here’s a guide to help you:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that'll let you unblock ITVX/STV Player (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device(s).
  3. Switch on the VPN and choose a UK server.
  4. Access ITVX/STV Player and start streaming Capital's Summertime Ball 2024.

Why Use a VPN to Stream Capital Summertime Ball 2024?

All streaming services are geo-restricted due to content rights signed by involved companies. Owing to licensing deals and distribution agreements, you can’t access ITVX outside the UK without running into geo-restrictions. A smart tactic is to use a VPN to stream Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 without the complication of any geo-based restrictions.

If you are abroad and try to play content on ITVX without a VPN, an error message will pop up stating, "Outside the UK? Due to our broadcast and content licenses, you can only watch ITVX in the UK."

itvx geoblock error message

Trying to use STV Player outside Great Britain will yield similar results. We highly recommend NordVPN. This VPN can help you change your IP address to one in the UK, where ITVX and STV Player are available, bypassing any geo-blocks you may encounter.

NordVPN is the top paid VPN on the market today. Millions worldwide choose it for a variety of reasons, including its speed, trustworthiness, safety, and ability to work seamlessly with all live TV and streaming platforms.

How to Access Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 While Traveling Abroad

Unfortunately, Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 has not revealed a release date or platform for the US, Canada, or Australia. As of now, it is only available in the UK. However, don't be alarmed; you can use a capable VPN to unblock it and access it from abroad. 

Keep reading to learn how you can stream this event in the United Kingdom. 

How to Watch Capital's Summertime Ball in the UK for Free

The title will be available on TV in the UK on ITV1 and STV on June 23, 2024, at 6:30 pm GMT. You can stream Capital's Summertime Ball for free on ITVX via its ad-supported tier. 

An upgrade to ITVX's ad-free tier costs £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year, with a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. STV Player has an ad-supported Free plan and an ad-free version that costs £3.99 a month. You can also listen to the event on Global Player for free. 


The Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 took place on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at Wembley Stadium, London, providing an unforgettable experience for all ticket holders. Now, the rest of the UK has a chance to watch the incredible multi-concert festival on TV or on-demand. 

Each year since 2009, the Ball has been a highly anticipated event. It marks the arrival of the sun-soaked months with a vibrant blend of music and fashion. The event features a diverse group of talented artists who come together to showcase their skills on a spectacular stage, captivating the hearts of millions of viewers. 

The ball originally took place at the Emirates Stadium. However, beginning in 2010, the festival has been held at Wembley Stadium. For the 2024 celebration, Jordan North hosted the event for the first time since joining Capital, marking a significant milestone for him. Chris Stark and Sian Welby also took turns co-hosting.

An amazing lineup was also announced at 7 am earlier this month on Capital Breakfast, a radio show. Headliners such as David Guetta, Sabrina Carpenter, and Raye were confirmed in the lineup.


Surprise Acts

Special Guests

Final Thoughts

If you wish to stream Capital's Summertime Ball 2024 outside of the UK, you can do so by using a VPN to bypass restrictions. ITVX is blocked outside the UK due to licensing agreements, so a VPN is vital to watch the concert.

NordVPN is an advanced VPN with the best security features. To ensure your privacy and safety, the VPN is independently audited, making it safe to run in the background. It also has over 6,000 fast servers worldwide. Thanks to its cashback guarantee, you can try NordVPN for 30 days risk-free.

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