How to Stream On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace Online Free from Anywhere

By Isha Das / June 14, 2024

On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace chronicles a gripping confrontation between Putin and Greenpeace as activists challenge Russia's Arctic oil production, setting the stage for a high-stakes clash with far-reaching geopolitical consequences. It premiered on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

While the show is exclusively available on BBC iPlayer in the UK, you don’t have to be there to enjoy it. By using a VPN, you can bypass geo-blocks and dive into the factual series from anywhere in the world. 

Dive into our detailed guide, your one-stop resource for streaming On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace from any corner of the globe. Explore a detailed preview, navigate the episode guide, and discover why a VPN is the best companion for your streaming adventure.

Where to Stream On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace

The six-part documentary is available in the UK on BBC Two from 9 pm GMT on Sunday, June 9, 2024. You can stream On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace for free on BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a free service with ads and your gateway to a world of captivating British television. It offers a library of on-demand shows and exclusive content.

How to Access On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace Online With a VPN

You can unlock BBC iPlayer with a simple VPN setup and enjoy the docuseries seamlessly. Here's how:

  1. Sign up for a powerful VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device(s).
  3. Turn on your VPN and select a UK server.
  4. Open BBC iPlayer and begin streaming the docuseries.

Why Should a VPN Be Used to Access On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace?

Complex copyright laws and licensing deals bind all streaming platforms. Although BBC iPlayer provides a free viewing experience, be prepared for geo-blocks if you're outside the UK.

For instance, when you try to play an episode on BBC iPlayer from overseas without a VPN, the platform shows a geo-location error message, which says, "BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues."

BBC iPlayer Geo Block

With a VPN, you can embark on a global journey. Effortlessly conceal your location with NordVPN, the pinnacle of safe browsing, and explore limitless streaming without boundaries.

With high-end data encryption and specialized servers, NordVPN ensures not only security but also complete privacy for all your online activities. Its additional features, like a Kill Switch, Smart DNS, and Dark Web Monitor, make NordVPN one of the top VPN providers for a safe and unrestricted internet experience.

How to Watch On Thin Ice: Putin V Greenpeace Online from Abroad

The premiere date and broadcasting platform for the docuseries in the US, Canada, or Australia have yet to be announced. However, attempting to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK will trigger strict geo-blocks. Fortunately, a feature-packed VPN can easily overcome these restrictions, expanding your viewing options.

If you're struggling to unlock On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace online, don’t worry! Our guide is here to help you in no time!

How to Stream On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace for Free in the UK 

Access the title for free in the UK on BBC Two on Sunday, June 9, 2024, from 9 pm GMT. You can watch On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace for free with ads on BBC iPlayer. To access BBC iPlayer, you must either sign in with your existing credentials or create a new account for free. 

BBC iPlayer has an extensive content library featuring a diverse range of TV shows and movies, such as Inside No. 9 Season 9, Camán na mBan, imagine… Pet Shop Boys: Then and Now, Moments That Shook Music: Kurt Cobain, The Secret Army, and more.


Vladimir Putin's 10-year standoff with Greenpeace protestors, which even caught Paul McCartney's attention, is the focus of a new BBC docuseries. This series will be presented in bite-sized, half-hour episodes.

The story centers on the Arctic 30, a group of climate activists who, in 2013, tried to disrupt Russia's Arctic oil production. Their mission aimed to film a protest and halt an international Arctic oil rush. However, Russian security services were watching closely, and orders came from the top to make an example of them. The activists were arrested and imprisoned in harsh conditions.

Paul McCartney intervened, writing an open letter to Putin and referencing The Beatles' 1968 song Back in the USSR. He even requested a meeting with Putin. His letter followed his 2003 concert in Moscow's Red Square. After three months, the 28 activists and two journalists were released, and their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was returned.

On Thin Ice will feature previously unseen footage, cinematic reconstructions, and interviews, offering an in-depth look at the dramatic events and their aftermath.

Episode Schedule

Final Thoughts

Enjoy the thrilling docuseries On Thin Ice: Putin v Greenpeace from any corner of the globe, entirely for free! With a VPN, you can say goodbye to regional and network restrictions confidently. Not only does a VPN grant you access with a local IP address, but it also safeguards your online journey.

NordVPN is our top choice to tackle this challenge head-on. With 24/7 customer support ready to assist, this VPN adds an extra layer of protection with Threat Protection. Plus, its DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection features prevent your IP address and DNS requests from being exposed to third parties. You can create a secure network with other NordVPN users with its Meshnet feature.

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