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How to Stream General Election 2024: The Results Online Free from Anywhere

Written by Isha Das
Published on July 3, 2024

Get timely updates on the upcoming elections in the UK with General Election 2024: The Results, a captivating line-up of shows that bring you live commentary, insightful analysis, and on-ground reportage. It is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, ITVX, and other platforms. 

Accessing Channel 4's streaming service outside the UK can be a real hassle due to pesky geo-restrictions. But don't worry! By using a VPN, you can modify your IP address to a UK one, remove any error messages, and open up Channel 4's world of entertainment no matter where you are.

Discover the complete guide to watch General Election 2024: The Results online. We've included everything from airing schedules to preview, trailer, and more. Plus, uncover the perks of leveraging a VPN for an enriched streaming experience.

Where to Access General Election 2024: The Results

The show airs live in the UK on Thursday, July 4, 2024, on BBC One Scotland at 9:55 pm GMT. It will run until 9:30 am GMT on Friday. You can also follow the election coverage on Channel 4 on July 4 and July 5. 

Sky News will run its coverage on July 4 from 9 pm ET.  The network will live stream debates on its YouTube channel for audiences in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and more. 

UK viewers can watch the results on July 4 on ITV1, ITVX, STV, and STV Player at 9:50 pm GMT, on GB News from 9 pm to 6 am GMT, and on CNN International starting at 9:55 pm BST. 

The debates will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 9:45 pm GMT, Times Radio at 9:55 pm GMT, and LBC at 10 pm GMT on the same day.

Streaming Service Pricing Starts At Available Locations
Channel 4 Free (with ads) UK
BBC iPlayer Free (with ads) UK
ITVX Free (with ads) UK
STV Player Free (with ads) UK
Sky News YouTube Channel Free US, Canada, and Australia

We recommend watching the show for free on Channel 4’s streaming service. It is among the first major broadcasters to reveal the main details of its coverage.

How to Watch General Election 2024: The Results Online With a VPN

You can easily unlock Channel 4’s streaming service by setting up a VPN and connecting it to a UK server. Here are the exact steps you must follow:

  1. Get a VPN with UK servers (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device(s).
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect it to a British server.
  4. Access Channel 4’s streaming service/BBC iPlayer/ITVX, and watch the title.

Why Must You Use a VPN to Stream General Election 2024: The Results?

General Election 2024: The Results is set to stream for free on Channel 4, BBC iPlayer, and ITVX in the UK. However, due to copyright laws and broadcasting restrictions, these services are geo-blocked. Geo-fencing will prevent access to the show for viewers outside the UK.

If you try to access Channel 4’s streaming service outside the UK without a VPN, an error message will pop up on your screen stating, "Not Available. Channel 4 is only available in the UK."

Channel 4 geo-block error message

Similarly, you’ll face geo-blocks if you try to access BBC iPlayer or ITVX outside the UK. A VPN can help you hide and replace your real IP. This is why NordVPN is an optimum solution to stream the show, as it provides a safe and secure browsing experience without any restrictions.

With double VPN, Meshnet, dedicated IP, threat protection, and many more premium features, NordVPN is the most powerful VPN service you could ask for. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try It risk-free.

How to Access General Election 2024: The Results from Anywhere

Interested in watching General Election 2024: The Results but unsure how? Our handy article will help you navigate any challenges, ensuring a smooth streaming experience. 

Unlock the mentioned streaming services while traveling abroad with a trustworthy VPN, unless you're in one of the fortunate supported countries. A VPN is your key to bypassing geo-blocks and enjoying the title from any location.

How to Watch General Election 2024: The Results in the UK for Free

The show airs live in the UK on July 4, 2024, on BBC One Scotland. You can also play the coverage on Channel 4, ITV1, STV, Sky News, GB News (aka Britain’s Election Channel), and CNN International from July 4. To note, Channel 4 has undergone a temporary rebranding as Channel 4th in honor of the UK elections. 

General Election 2024: The Results can be streamed for free with ads by UK folks on Channel 4’s streaming service, BBC iPlayer, and ITVX on July 4, 2024. Check out the list below for details:

Moreover, UK folks can hear the program on July 4 on BBC Radio 4, Times Radio, and on LBC.

How to Stream General Election 2024: The Results in the US, Canada, and Australia for Free

The title can be streamed live on the Sky News YouTube channel on July 4, 2024, from 9 pm GMT in the US, Canada, and Australia. Stream the full coverage on July 5, 2024.

Can You Watch General Election 2024: The Results Online for Free?

In the UK, you can watch General Election 2024: The Results for free on BBC iPlayer, ITVX, STV Player, Sky News YouTube Channel, and Channel 4’s streaming service. Viewers in the US, Canada, and Australia can watch the program for free on Sky News YouTube Channel. 


As the UK braces for another pivotal moment in its political landscape, General Election 2024: The Results is set to provide comprehensive coverage of the outcomes and implications of this significant event. Scheduled to air on July 4, this special program will be available across several major platforms, including BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, ITV, and more, ensuring that viewers have multiple options to stay informed.

This election promises to be one of the most crucial in recent history, with key issues like the economy, healthcare, and climate change at the forefront of voters' minds. The special broadcast will delve into the results as they come in, offering detailed analysis, live updates, and expert commentary. Viewers can expect a blend of in-depth reporting and real-time data that captures the excitement and uncertainty of election night.

BBC iPlayer will provide a live stream of the election results, featuring seasoned political correspondents and analysts. The coverage will include live feeds from key constituencies, interviews with political leaders, and a breakdown of how the votes are tallying up across the nation. BBC presenters include Martin Geissler, Kirsty Wark, David Wallace Lockhart, and Laura Miller.

Channel 4's coverage will take a more interactive approach, incorporating social media updates and viewer questions. This platform aims to engage a younger audience by making the election coverage accessible and engaging, with a focus on the issues that matter most to first-time voters. The channel has signed up podcast supremos Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell to provide ongoing results alongside hosts Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Emily Maitlis. 

ITV's broadcast will be helmed by some of the network's most respected journalists, including Robert Peston, Anushka Asthana, and Paul Brand. Expect comprehensive insights into the results, with a focus on the implications for the next Parliament. ITV will also feature stories from voters and candidates, providing a human touch to the political statistics.

For those looking for a fresh perspective, the GB News team will bring a mix of news, opinions, and viewer interactions, ensuring a broad spectrum of views and analyses. Sky News promises thorough and insightful coverage. With its state-of-the-art studio and expert panelists, it will delve deep into the election's impact on the UK’s future. 

Moreover, from a global perspective, CNN International’s coverage will provide not just the election results but also how these outcomes could influence international relations and the global market. BBC Radio 4, known for its serious and detailed approach, expects comprehensive reports and discussions with political analysts. With a blend of seasoned journalists and expert guests, Times Radio will offer insightful commentary and updates. LBC will feature interactive segments where listeners can call in and share their views, adding a personal touch to the election night experience.

All platforms will provide real-time updates as the votes are counted and results are announced. Political analysts and commentators will dissect the results, offering perspectives on what they mean for the UK's future. Reporters stationed across key battlegrounds will give firsthand accounts of the atmosphere and reactions as the night unfolds. Particularly on Channel 4, viewers can participate through social media, adding their voices to the national conversation.

The 2024 General Election comes at a time when the UK is navigating significant challenges and opportunities. The outcome will shape the country's direction on critical issues, making this coverage essential viewing for anyone invested in the future of the UK. Whether you're a seasoned political junkie or tuning in for the highlights, General Election 2024: The Results promises to deliver a thorough and engaging look at this historic event.


Final Thoughts

You can stream My General Election 2024: The Results for free with ads on Channel 4, BBC iPlayer, and more in the UK and on Sky News YouTube Channel in the US, Canada, and Australia. Unfortunately, all these platforms are geo-restricted outside the regions where they are accessible, so use a VPN to bypass these restrictions and start streaming the title.

NordVPN is the go-to tool for this problem. Along with a 24/7 customer support team to always assist you, it provides a double VPN, threat protection, SmartDNS, Meshnet, split tunneling, and many more features. This VPN offers a variety of protocols for secure connections. Depending on your device and preference, you can select from OpenVPN, NordLynx, and IKEv2/IPsec. 

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