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How to Stream Biography: Alice Cooper Online from Anywhere

Written by Khairul Azam
Published on June 23, 2024

Biography: Alice Cooper delves into the life of the iconic artist from the 60s, charting his journey from a Detroit kid with asthma to a celebrated music legend. This documentary is set to air on A&E, with streaming available via Philo and Sling TV.

However, like many streaming services, these platforms are subject to geo-restrictions. If you're located outside the US, you won’t be able to access the title. Fortunately, a VPN offers a solution by masking your IP address, making it appear as though you're accessing the content from an unrestricted location. This way, you can watch the documentary from anywhere in the world.

Continue reading for more information on Biography: Alice Cooper, including the official trailer, a sneak peek, and the benefits of using a VPN to enjoy this engaging documentary, along with other key details.

Where to Stream Biography: Alice Cooper

The special will premiere on A&E in the US on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 10 pm ET. US viewers can stream the show on popular platforms such as Philo and Sling TV, which provide access to A&E.

Streaming Services Price Starting At Available Locations
Philo $25 per month US
Sling TV $40 per month US

We recommend Philo for its budget-friendly pricing and its vast library of diverse content. Additionally, Philo includes unlimited DVR, so you can record the documentary and watch it at your convenience.

How to Watch Biography: Alice Cooper Online with a VPN

You can access the documentary by connecting a VPN to a US server. Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN with US servers (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device(s).
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect it to an American server.
  4. Load Philo/Sling TV and start streaming the title.

Is a VPN Essential for Streaming Biography: Alice Cooper?

Biography: Alice Cooper is restricted to certain regions due to copyright and licensing agreements. Philo is the primary platform for streaming the documentary, but if you’re outside the US, you'll face geo-blocks.

When you try to access Philo from abroad without a VPN, you will see an error message that says, “Sorry, Philo is only available in the United States... for now.”

Philo Geo Block

The same issues occur with Sling TV for international users. A VPN can easily bypass these restrictions by changing your IP address to a US location. This tricks the streaming platforms into believing you are accessing them from within the United States. NordVPN is highly effective for this, offering a wide range of US servers to ensure smooth streaming of Biography: Alice Cooper from anywhere.

NordVPN is one of the top VPNs available, known for its ability to reliably change your virtual location. It also provides strong security features, such as DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and Dark Web monitoring, making it an excellent choice for accessing restricted content securely.

How to Unblock Biography: Alice Cooper from Anywhere

The premiere date and broadcasting platform for Biography: Alice Cooper in regions like the UK, Canada, or Australia have not been confirmed. Access to Philo outside the US is restricted by geo-fencing, but you can overcome this using a trustworthy VPN.

If you're having difficulty tuning into Biography: Alice Cooper, don't worry. This extensive guide will assist you in accessing the show from any place.

How to Stream Biography: Alice Cooper in the US 

The musical special premieres on A&E on June 23, 2024, at 10 pm ET. US viewers can also watch it on the following platforms:


Biography: Alice Cooper offers a captivating journey through the life and career of an iconic figure in rock music. From his origins as Vincent Damon Furnier in Detroit, Michigan, to his emergence as the flamboyant frontman of the pioneering Alice Cooper band, this documentary explores the highs and lows of a legendary artist.

Born the son of a minister, Alice Cooper relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where he embarked on his musical path with various bands before adopting the name that would become synonymous with shock rock. Alongside Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, and Neal Smith, Alice Cooper spearheaded a new genre marked by theatricality and provocative themes.

However, beneath the stage persona lay personal struggles, including battles with addiction that threatened to derail his career. The documentary delves into these challenges with candid insights from Cooper himself, shedding light on his journey through addiction and subsequent recovery.

Produced by Banger Films in collaboration with A+E Factual Studios, Biography: Alice Cooper is part of a series featuring intimate interviews with Cooper and his bandmates. It also includes rare archival footage and interviews with family members, journalists, and industry insiders. This promises a revealing look at both the man behind the makeup and Alice Cooper's enduring legacy in music history.


Final Thoughts

Biography: Alice Cooper presents a unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary journey of a rock icon, airing on A&E, Philo, or Sling TV in the US. International audiences can join in on this captivating experience by using a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and access these platforms.

NordVPN is a trusted name when it comes to this particular need. Beyond unlocking geo-blocked content, NordVPN offers a comprehensive suite of features, including 24/7 customer support, Meshnet for encrypted private pathways, and specialized servers that enhance online security. With a vast network spanning over 6,000 servers across 111 locations worldwide, NordVPN ensures seamless access to your favorite content from anywhere.

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