Google Maps Introduces 3D-Globe Mode for Desktop Users

By Nitish Singh / August 3, 2018

One of the biggest issues of representing the Earth on a flat “Mercator” map is that regions cannot be accurately represented in terms of their actual area. With the latest update to Google Maps, you will no longer be greeted by a flat map of the Earth when zooming out fully. Instead, Google is implementing what the company calls “Globe Mode.” It will allow users to view the Earth in 3D by taking advantage of WebGL in most major browsers.

The 3D Globe Mode update is already live for desktop users, and anyone using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox should be able to view it. Google has not announced if the Google Maps update will be making it to mobile users as well. Simply zooming out of the map will allow you to spin the globe and zoom back into the desired location seamlessly. It allows Google to provide a more accurate representation of geographical regions. The company revealed in a Twitter post “With 3D Globe Mode on Google Maps desktop, Greenland's projection is no longer the size of Africa”.

The previously used “Mercator” projections made Greenland look much larger than it actually is, almost as big as Africa. With the current update, such issues have been resolved, and geographical representation of regions is accurate unlike before. The new Globe Mode is one of many updates Google Maps has received this year.

With a full platform update announced earlier this year, Google has managed to offer features like incident reporting, editable roadways, and restaurant matching. More updates are expected this year as part of the platform update including industry solutions targeted towards game studios.

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