Google Announces Google Maps Platform Update

By Nitish Singh / May 3, 2018

Google Maps announced a series of updates to take advantage of location-based features and products. Google Maps Platform is the new generation of Google Maps business which includes streamlined API products new location-based features.

This update is a follow-up to the first industry solution offered by Google in 2018 which was targeted at game studios. The previous update allowed developers to create real-world games using Google Maps data. The new update is bringing solutions that are tailored for ride sharing and asset tracking companies. The new API will allow businesses to embed the Google Navigation experience directly into their apps to improve the customer experience.

Google Maps Platform

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The asset tracking features will help businesses become more efficient through real-time tracking and make life easier for both users and businesses for routing vehicles with complex trips. There will be 18 new APIs added as part of the Google Maps Platform which will be included in Maps, Routes, and Places. The new updates will help you to find, explore or add new features to ads and websites as a business.

The new update will include both Standard and Premium plans with free support included. The updates will work with existing code with no changes required, making it easy for developers to make use of all of the new features and updates to the Maps platform.

Google announced they will include modular pricing in the pay-as-you-go plan and users will be charged for only the features they want to use. Anyone with a valid API key and the Google Cloud Platform will be able to access the core products.

The new updates will be available for use from June 11. More features will be added as part of Google Maps Platform to expand solutions to nonprofits, startups, crisis response, and news media organizations. Google also published a guide for existing users to help users understand the changes and enable developers and businesses to transition into the new plan.

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