Google Home and Assistant Receive YouTube Music Streaming Feature in the UK

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated June 19, 2021

Google Assistant offers a bunch of features, but YouTube Music streaming was not one of them until recently. Users can now stream music using Google’s YouTube Music streaming service on Google Assistant and Google Home devices in the UK. While YouTube Music is set to replace Google Play Music, all of the features have not been transferred yet to the new platform.

The streaming feature is not yet available in all countries yet, and Google is planning on gradually rolling out the feature globally. With YouTube being replaced by YouTube Music in all non-Premium countries as well, it is likely that YouTube Premium will see a global launch soon. Currently, only users from the USA, Mexico, Australia and now, the UK, are able to stream music via Google Assistant or Google Home devices.

If you are unable to stream music after the latest update on your Google Home device, you need to head to Media Accounts under the Accounts Preferences section in the Settings app. Setting YouTube Music as the default option for Music will enable to feature.

One of the features that YouTube Music currently does not offer is the ability to upload your own music to Google Drive and stream it via any compatible device. Google has yet to transfer the feature from Google Play Music to YouTube Music and if you upload your own files for streaming, do not change your Google Home settings yet as it is irreversible.

If you do not want to use any of Google’s own streaming services, Google Home and Google Assistant offer support for Spotify (Free and Premium versions), Pandora (US users only), TuneIn, TuneIn Pro and iHeartRadio.

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