Google Home and Home Mini to Officially Launch In South Korea Next Week

By Nitish Singh / September 11, 2018

The wait for the Google Home and Google Home Mini is finally over for South Korean users. Google has officially listed both the products in the Google Store as coming soon. The official launch of both the speakers is expected to happen sometime next week.

Google added support for Korean for Google Assistant in January. However, the language was not officially listed until recently. The tech giant updated its support pages to list Korean as an official language. According to a local news source, the devices will go on sale on Tuesday in retail stores.

Interested users can sign up for notifications in the Google Store. Once the speakers are in stock, registered users will be notified with a purchase link. The regular Google Home speaker is priced at 145,000 (US$128), and the Google Home Mini will be available for 59,900 (US$53). If you have access to Google Assistant in any of your devices, you can now set the language to Korean and check out all of the features available.

Smart speaker usage has been on the rise with 32% of US consumers owning them. Amazon’s Alexa devices are currently dominating the market with brands like Google and Apple catching up with their own products. Smart speakers can offer a ton of utility and can be used for checking the weather, running searches online, making calls and lot more. They can also connect to other smart devices like smart lights, connected wireless speakers, home security systems and lot more. You can control your devices wirelessly using voice commands. The smart assistants receive constant upgrades, and new features are introduced all the time.

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