Google Fi’s Built-In VPN Finally Extends Support to iPhone

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated August 4, 2021

The built-in VPN service that is featured in the Google Fi (formerly ‘Project Fi’) is finally extending its support to the Apple world, so iPhone owners will now be given the opportunity to use it. Google Fi is a telecommunications service run by Google, providing telephone calls, SMS, mobile broadband through cellular networks, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

As such, having a VPN to complement it and secure the network communications definitely comes in handy, but until now, the iPhone wasn’t supported. Eventually, almost 2.5 years after it was announced for Android, the feature lands on the iOS app.

Some report not seeing the option even after updating the app on their iPhone, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get it. Google’s short announcement of the roll-out clarifies that it will take a couple of weeks before everyone gets the Fi VPN option on their phones. As Google explains in the same post, the Fi VPN helps users stream, browse, and download data on an encrypted, totally private connection. IP addresses will remain hidden and shielded from hackers even when using insecure WiFi networks.

Google Fi has limited network coverage and, thus, availability, so if you’re interested in the details that underpin the service, check out this FAQ where everything is explained. As for the pricing, find the various tiers and packages in the following table. There is no additional charge for the VPN service, so iPhone users of any of Google Fi plans won’t see the price increase due to this feature addition.

Source: Google

Common advantages of the Google Fi compared to other telecommunication services include versatility in communications, automated spam call and robocall blocking, and superior SIM-swap protection relying on the linked Google Account and the availability of a 2FA step feature. And now, you may add a built-in VPN service on top of all that.

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