Google Chrome to Crack Down on Websites with Forced Subscriptions

By Nitish Singh / November 9, 2018

Google is trying to help bolster security on its Chrome browser. Recently, the tech giant put an end to extensions with an obfuscated code after various add-ons were used to steal user data. The company also put out an ultimatum for websites that are known to use shady advertising methods using fake play and download buttons, especially on file-sharing platforms. All such ads will be removed when browsing on Chrome. In its latest move, Google is now cracking down on websites that force you to get a subscription.

With almost two-thirds of the internet population using Google Chrome, the tech giant wants to ensure the browser is as secure as possible. The new change will come into effect in build 71 at the end of this year, and it can potentially protect millions of users.

Some of the most common instances of forced subscriptions are found in websites offering online games. Mobile numbers are often collected for playing these web browser-based games, and the personal information of users is handed down to notorious advertising services.

To prevent legitimate websites from being hurt by the move, Google will notify all websites that will be eligible for blocking. Website owners will also be asked to mention that they have a billing process for their services to prevent being blocked by Chrome.

Websites that fall under the “forced subscriptions” category will cause Google Chrome users to receive a prompt. The browser notification states "The page ahead may try to charge you money,” which will allow users to either back away from the website or proceed despite the warning. Mozilla is also working on a similar feature for its Firefox web browser in a bid to bolster online security for users.

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