Google Could Render VPN Obsolete With Its New Zero-Trust Tool for Companies

By Lore Apostol / April 22, 2020

Google Cloud has launched a new security tool called BeyondCorp Remote Access. This new tool's purpose is to allow employees to remotely access their company's internal web apps from untrusted networks in a secure way without using the already-traditional VPN tool for protection. BeyondCorp uses the zero-trust procedure that Google has been using internally in the last decade, as they began working on it in 2011, and they are now trying to help others implement it too.

The cloud-based security solution can be used to access internal web apps from any device, at any given time, from any network. The tech giant intends to eventually extend the same capabilities, control, and extra protections for almost any app or resource users need to access remotely.

Google BeyondCorp Remote Access

Google BeyondCorp Remote Access via Google Cloud

Sometimes, IT teams have a hard time rolling out and managing VPNs for a large number of new users on short notice, even for people who have not used a VPN before. Moreover, things get tough when they need to deploy VPN access to their temps, extended collaborators, and partners. The point of Google's BeyondCorp Remote Access is not to eliminate VPNs, but the new solution could be a tool that would be easier to use or everyone working remotely. However, it offers more than a simplified VPN tool's protection, since it is limiting certain users' access to only what they are authorized to use in certain contexts.

Google BeyondCorp Remote Access

Defining access policies in BeyondCorp Remote Access via Google Cloud

Google's new tool promises to be ready to use and deliver in a matter of days rather than the months that could be required to deploy a traditional VPN solution on a large scale, such as inside the ecosystem of a company. BeyondCorp Remote Access was designed in collaboration with Deloitte Cyber's security consulting team, and thousands of Google Cloud customers have tested it so far. Business owners who are currently using a VPN for business and are interested in checking it for themselves can fill in some information and submit a request, and then expect to be contacted by the team later on.

BeyondCorp Remote Access sounds like a simple solution for businesses that have plenty of workers accessing the company resources remotely, so Google could easily render VPNs obsolete soon. You might have to give up using a VPN solution for your work-related computer activity, but you can still use one of the best VPNs out there to protect personal data while browsing the internet and use its unblocking capabilities for leisure time indoors. Also, you can check out the ultimate guide for working from home in 2020.

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