Google Announces Gmail on iOS Update to Prioritize Email Notifications

By Udo / June 16, 2018

Yesterday, Google announced an update to its Gmail services for iOS.

The update stands to benefit anybody who receives a lot of emails during the course of the day. Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), it allows your Gmail app to prioritize the emails that it notifies you about.

The aim is to ensure that you only get notified when you receive an email that you need to read. The update comes in the wake of a Gmail redesign in April that introduced a visual update and email snoozing, among other features.

According to Google, the update allows Gmail to combine the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to sort through the messages that you receive each day. The app learns which emails are the most important to you and which you don’t need a notification for. This allows it to only notify you when you receive an important email.

Any iOS users can head to the settings menu of their app to find the Notifications menu. From there, just select the “High priority only” option to enable the new feature.

Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait a while longer to gain access to the feature. While Google promises an update “soon”, they haven’t provided any more specific details.

Google anticipates that the rollout will take between 1 and 3 days from June 14th, 2018. iOS users across all of the G Suite editions will gain access to the feature at some point during this week.

The new feature may be a part of Google’s efforts to combat tech addiction, which it identified as a major problem during its annual Google I/O Event.

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