Live TV Platform fuboTV Integrates with Apple TV App

  • fuboTV integrates with the Apple TV app
  • You can ask Siri to search for your favorite content on fuboTV
  • You’ll also get alerts about the content you like coming up on fuboTV’s channels.

Good news for fuboTV fans with Apple TVs in their living rooms! Now, the fuboTV app is integrated with the Apple TV App, so subscribers can easily keep track of their favorite sports, shows, and movies.

According to the announcement coming from fuboTV, the two apps are now integrated, which means subscribers can access and keep track of what they’re watching on fuboTV’s many channels in the Apple TV app’s Watch Now section. They can also add shows, movies, and games to Up Next, so they never miss their favorites. Since fuboTV is a sports-centric platform, users can also follow their favorite teams in Up Next, so they get notifications across their Apple devices when they’re playing next.

“fuboTV is a leading provider of live sports programming, entertainment, and news. We’re hyper-focused on delivering the best, most innovative viewing experiences possible as our recent 4K HDR Beta streams demonstrate,” said Min Kim, fuboTV vice president of business development. “That’s why we’re excited about the fuboTV integration with the Apple TV app. It’ll allow Apple users to discover that their favorite leagues and matchups are on fuboTV and with the ‘Up Next’ feature, they’ll never miss what’s on. fuboTV subscribers can also find over 10,000 on-demand shows and movies directly in the app.”

The folks over at fuboTV are pretty proud of this new step they took because it’s proof that they’re trying to differentiate themselves as a cable replacement for the entire family. They’re not one of the first live TV streaming services that have integrated with the Apple TV app, as well as Siri. Soon, single sign-on will also become available.

So, next time you’re curious about when your favorite content will be on fuboTV, you can just ask Siri to provide the info to you.

fuboTV is a service that offers four bundles to pick from, loads of channel packs and several premium networks. They also come with some great perks in terms of cloud DVR and simultaneous streaming to multiple devices. fuboTV offers loads of content in 4K HDR Beta, so if you have the right TV, you can watch it too. Make sure to check out our fuboTV review to find out all the details about this platform.

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