How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 75?

By Gabriela Vatu / November 3, 2020

We all love Disney Plus and watching a ton of shows and movies on the platform, but sometimes we'll face various issues and not know how to fix them, like Error Code 75. 

It looks like you've reached your device limit for streaming Disney+. You can stream Disney+ on up to four devices simultaneously. To continue watching, please stop streaming on another device (Error Code 75). 

What's happening here and why, are you getting this message? Even better, how do we fix this? Let's find out. 

What Causes Error Code 75?

No one wants to get an error code when they're just kicking back, finally settling down to watch a new Mandalorian episode, but you have to fix it nonetheless. 

Error Code 75 will pop up if you have more than four devices streaming content at the same time, which is the maximum number you'll get on Disney Plus.

How to Fix Error Code 75?

Out of all Disney Plus error codes, this one may be one of the easiest to fix. The way to solve this problem is to stop streaming content on one of your devices. Make sure you know all the devices streaming Disney Plus content and simply stop one of them. 

If you're unsure about the devices that are logged in to your account and you may have shared your credentials with family and friends that don't live with you, you can always go to the Accounts area in your profile and disconnect all devices.

Over the next couple of hours, at the max, all devices will be unlogged from your account. Hopefully, however, it will work by simply stopping streaming on your tablet before you move to your smart TV. 

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