Fitbit Recalls a Faulty Batch of “Sense” Smartwatches

By Bill Toulas / December 8, 2020

Fitbit is undergoing a recall process for a faulty batch of the “Fitbit Sense,” one of the most feature-rich GPS-powered sports tracking devices out there. According to the details of the replacement/repair program, the problem lies in the ECG (electrocardiogram) unit, which may give inaccurate readings. The Verge has previously reported that the issue affects a tiny subset of devices, maybe fewer than 900 globally.

The smartwatch maker opted to inform the affected individuals by email but failed to specify what the mentioned “hardware problem” is. The recipients are asked to return their watches via postal mail and also to provide sensitive personal information such as their full names, home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Naturally, many people went on to Fitbit’s forums to complain about what looks like a “phishy” practice and to confirm that the emails they received were indeed legit.

Fitbit said these emails were automatically generated, and while the number of affected customers is small, the company decided to replace their products with new ones free of charge. Sense is unique in Fitbit’s range of products precisely because of the presence of ECG features, and it costs a hefty $330 because of it. So, the firm is saving itself from the risk of having bad publicity and reviews from disappointed users.

On the other side, they could have handled the notification process a little bit better, and the whole event would have passed largely unnoticed. Asking people to send you their brand new devices via mail is weird and sounds like a scam. Also, many of the recipients report that their device and even the ECG measurements appear to be working fine at the moment, adding even more distrust towards the message.

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