The ‘Apple Watch SE’ Is the Affordable Series 6 Model

Apple has presented the ‘Watch SE’, and it is the lower-cost model of the Series 6 products announced in the “Time Flies” event. The Watch SE aims to make the “basics” of what makes the new Series great widely available, but with some compromise on hardware power and design in order to bring that price down.

So, for the alluring price tag of $279, you’re getting a Watch that has all the motion sensors and health-tracking features that are available on the regular model, including oximetering and fall detection. Where the discount was made was on the chip, as the previous generation “S5” beats inside the Watch SE, instead of the S6 that equips the rest of the series.

apple S5
Apple S5

The new multi-color rigid bands and the fresh Watch Faces collection is still available, whereas the body of the watch is made out of 100% recycled aluminum and not any kind of plastic as some expected before the event.

Apple Watch SE GPS

The Apple Watch SE is geared towards new customers who are entering the WatchOS ecosystem just now and would cheer for a low-bar entrance. Also, it’s ideal for children and for enabling their parents to keep an eye on the level of their physical activities, as well as their position, health, and safety.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch SE start immediately worldwide at the price of $279.

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