Mozilla’s Encrypted File-Sharing Service Firefox Send is Now Available

  • Mozilla is launching yet another security-centric feature for the Firefox web browser as well as a dedicated Android app.
  • The new file-transfer service will allow users to send files up to 2.5GB in size to each other.
  • Files can be protected using passwords, expiring download links, and a download count limit.

Mozilla has been focusing heavily on privacy for its Firefox web browser over the past few months. In a bid to take user privacy even further, the company has launched a new “Firefox Send” feature that offers encrypted file transfer among users. Send was first introduced by Mozilla in 2017 and it has been in beta ever since. With the testing phase finally over, users can now get their hands on the feature and try it out on the web browser.

To use Firefox Send to its full extent the sender needs to have a Firefox account, which allows individual files of up to 2.5GB to be transferred while non-Firefox accounts are limited to 1GB. The feature is also getting its own Android app which is currently in beta and should be available to all users soon. There is no word of an iOS version being in the making.

The biggest highlight of the security-centric file sharing app is an automated file deletion. Senders will get to decide how long text links will be live until they are deleted permanently. Users can also restrict the number of times a file can be downloaded or add optional passwords. These security features make breaking into the service and stealing personal information almost impossible.

Unlike other file-sharing services, Firefox is not offering any paid upgrades for larger file transfers. Users will be limited to the free plan for all transfers. You do have the option of splitting large files into ZIP files if you really need to use the service. There is also no dedicated app available for easier file transfers, and users will be reliant on the mobile or browser-based apps.

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