Facebook GG
Courtesy of Fb.gg
  • Facebook has announced the launch of its game streaming hub with which it will take on the category pioneer Twitch.
  • So far, Fb.gg has over 3,000 video game broadcasters with a fan following of nearly 250,000. The numbers are close to what Twitch produces.
  • The ‘gg’ in Fb.gg stands for ‘good game’ which is probably the most common phrase gamers use to appreciate others.

Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media fraternity. The company has been a front-runner in the digital spectrum and has made several acquisitions to make a mark globally. However, Facebook announced today that it is all set to compete against the game streaming hub, Twitch, by launching its own game streaming platform. The dedicated game streaming hub can easily be accessed by visiting Fb.gg – that is right, Facebook has played smartly by nesting it under its primary website.

Facebook’s goal is to attract more video game broadcasters along with their followers to use their platform. The idea behind this move is to substantially increase its overall user base. At this point, Twitch and YouTube are the primary players where gamers live stream the game of their preference. The social media giant is offering these broadcasters more than just a platform – they will have the option to create a landing page for their gaming page which will assist them in better discovery. Facebook seeks to offer them prominent and better placement through its gaming platform.

As discussed, Facebook’s primary reason for launching a game streaming platform is to lure Twitch’s live audience which would help it bring more advertisers. If you visit Fb.gg right now, you will find video game broadcasters in live sessions playing Fortnite which gained immense popularity ever since it was released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices. Facebook has not yet revealed the exact figures of as to how many broadcasters it has on board – but reports suggest that more than three to four thousand people are actively streaming Fortnite and other games on Fb.gg.