Fantasmas Is Now Streaming: How to Watch the Julio Torres Comedy Series Online

By Isha Das / June 7, 2024

Fantasmas follows Julio Torres on a surreal adventure to reclaim his lost golden oyster, meeting fascinating characters along the way. It can be watched on HBO, Max, Crave, Binge, and more.

Most streaming services, including Max, impose geo-restrictions. If you're outside the US, you'll encounter frustrating geo-blocks and error messages when trying to watch Fantasmas on Max online. But don't fret! There's a straightforward solution: a VPN. By hiding your IP address, a VPN can easily bypass these restrictions, letting you enjoy the show from anywhere in the world.

Want to dive deeper? Explore our guide to discover when, where, and how to access Fantasmas online. We’ll walk you through the perks of using a VPN, give you a preview of the show, introduce the cast, provide a detailed episode guide, and showcase the official trailer. 

Where to Stream Fantasmas

The show will be available for streaming in the US on HBO, Max, Hulu, and DirecTV Stream on Friday, June 7, 2024, at 11 pm ET. Canadian folks can also stream the show on Crave on the same date at 11 pm ET

Australian viewers have to wait a day more as the six-episode show premieres on Binge on Saturday, June 8, 2024. It will also be released on Foxtel Now, with the first episode airing on Sunday, June 9,  2024, at 8.30 pm AEST.

Streaming Service Pricing Starts At Available Locations
Max $9.99 per month (with ads) US
Hulu $7.99 per month +  $15.99 a month (add-on) US and Japan
DirecTV Stream $79.99 per month + $15.99 per month ( add-on) US
Crave CA $9.99 per month Canada
Binge AU $10  Australia
Foxtel Now AU $35 per month Australia

We suggest watching Fantasmas on Max because it is the cheapest option available and offers a library of premium content, exclusive series, and original productions. 

How to Access Fantasmas Online With a VPN

Unlocking the above-mentioned streaming platforms becomes easy with a reliable VPN. By connecting to a server in the appropriate region that suits you the best, you can bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a VPN with US servers (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN into your device(s).
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to an American server.
  4. Access Max, Hulu, or DirecTV Stream and begin watching the show.

Alternatively, you can unblock Crave with a Canadian server or Binge/Foxtel Now with an Australian server. 

Do You Need a VPN to Watch Fantasmas?

Fantasmas is exclusive to Max in the US and a few other streaming platforms. Licensing agreements and distribution rights restrict its availability. If you try to watch it from outside the US, you'll get a frustrating error message. But don't worry—there's a way around this!

For instance, If you are outside the US and try to watch Max without a VPN running in the background, you will see an error message on the homepage stating, “Max is Not Available in Your Region.”

Max Streaming Service Geo-Block Error Message

Trying to access Hulu or DirecTV Stream outside the US, Crave outside Canada, or Binge/Foxtel Now outside Australia will result in an error message due to geo-restrictions. But don’t let location barriers keep you from enjoying your favorite shows. NordVPN is a reliable choice for media streaming. 

NordVPN is among the best personal VPNs for accessing content from anywhere in the world. It can unblock dozens of streaming services, whether Hulu, DirecTV Stream, Crave, or Binge/Foxtel Now. With NordVPN, your favorite show is just a click away.

How to Stream Fantasmas Online from Abroad

The release date and platform for broadcasting Fantasmas in the UK have not yet been determined. Frustrated by those pesky location restrictions on your favorite content? A strong VPN will be your savior.

Need more guidance on watching Fantasmas online? Our in-depth, country-specific guide has everything you need, from step-by-step instructions to insider tips. 

How to Watch Fantasmas in the US 

US viewers can watch the title on HBO and Max on June 7, 2024, at 11 pm ET. Prices for Max start at $9.99 per month for the ad-supported version, but you can watch Fantasmas for free on the platform after logging in with your TV provider credentials. Let's take a look at some live TV and streaming services that offer Max:

How to Access Fantasmas in Canada

On June 7, 2024, Canadian folks can stream the show on Crave at 11 pm ET. A monthly subscription for a Basic plan costs CA $9.99 per month with ads, a Standard plan costs CA $14.99 per month with ads, and a Premium plan costs $22 per month without ads. Watch Fantasmas for free on Crave by getting a 7-day free trial.

How to Stream Fantasmas in Australia

The title’s first episode airs in Australia on Binge on 8 June 2024, and the remaining episodes drop weekly on Saturdays. Binge’s subscription starts from AU $10 a month. The plus point is that new subscribers can watch Fantasmas for free by getting a 7-day free trial. 

Australian viewers can also watch the show on Foxtel Now, with the first episode airing on 9 June 2024 at 8.30 pm AEST. Foxtel Now has three bundles; the cheapest is Essentials + Drama Extra. It costs AU $35 per month. New subscribers can stream Fantasmas for free by getting a 10-day free trial with this plan. 

Can You Watch Fantasmas Online for Free?

Stream Fantasmas for free in the US on Max after logging in with your TV provider credentials. US viewers can also access the title for free by taking advantage of Hulu’s 30-day free trial or DirecTV Stream's 2-month free trial for the Max add-on to watch it without paying any money. 

Crave and Binge also offer the same 7-day free trial to all new customers in Canada and Australia, respectively. Australians can also take advantage of Foxtel Now’s 10-day free trial plan.


Fantasmas tells the story of Julio, who embarks on a big adventure to find his lost golden oyster. Along the way, he encounters many strange and interesting people. 

The series dives into themes of purpose and connection, showing how different characters deal with these ideas in unique and colorful ways. With its eerie and surreal visual style, the show captures the personalities and attitudes of its main and guest characters in a vibrant way.

Torres portrays an inflated version of himself in the show. His distinct viewpoint and knack for recognizing the inner lives of objects add a flair to the storyline, making it an intriguing watch. 


Episodes (Max/Crave)


Final Thoughts

You can watch Fantasmas online, but there's a catch—it's geo-blocked and available only in the US, Canada, and Australia. If you’re outside these regions, a VPN is your magic wand to change your geographical location and stream the show from anywhere.

When it comes to unlocking our favorite streaming services easily, NordVPN is our first choice. With virtual servers for unmatched flexibility, obfuscation to tackle any hurdle, double encryption, dedicated IPs, and RAM-based servers, NordVPN ensures maximum privacy and seamless access.

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