Facebook Introduces All-New Gaming Tab to its Mobile Apps

  • Facebook has updated its mobile app to include a new Gaming tab that will feature live streams and posts from gaming groups.
  • The social media platform is currently trying to cash in on the 700 million strong gamer community on the platform.
  • A dedicated Facebook Gaming app is also in the works which will offer exclusive features.

Facebook has been trying to compete against the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming for a long time, and the social media platform took a major step towards promoting gaming content. Facebook users now have a dedicated Gaming tab on the navigation menu to help users find games, gaming groups, streamers, and other gaming-related content.

Facebook Gaming was launched last year as Fb.gg which serves as a hub for streamers where other users can watch streams and interact with each other. While Twitch is still the undisputed king when it comes to video game streaming, Facebook seeks to attract users with its aggressive monetization policies. Streamers have to pay as little as 5% for receiving tips from viewers, which is much less than what a platform like Twitch charges.

When it comes to subscription fees, Facebook will be charging 30%, which is quite less than compared to Twitch’s 50% cut. If streamers are able to move their audience from more popular platforms to the social media platform, it could turn out to be a success story. It also remains to be seen if the new platform can offer all of the features available on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

A dedicated app is also in the works, and it will offer more features than the new Gaming tab. With over 700 million Facebook users classified as gamers by the social media platform, there is a lot of potential for the new service to become a success.

Finally, users can update to the latest version of the Facebook app to check out the new Gaming tab. If the dedicated tab is not yet available for you, you can find it under the bookmarks menu.

Do you think Facebook will be able to overtake the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to also join Facebook and Twitter discussions on this or other news from TechNadu.


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