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Expedition Unknown Season 13 Is Now Streaming: How to Watch it Online from Anywhere

Written by Isha Das
Published 4 hours ago

Embark on thrilling global quests with Josh Gates as he hunts for legendary lost treasures and ancient mysteries in Expedition Unknown season 13. You can watch it on Discovery Channel, Discovery+, Max, and Philo

Geo-restrictions on platforms like Discovery+ can be a real downer, limiting access to the latest season of the show to the US only. If you try to watch it outside the US, you’ll hit an error message. But there’s a bright side – with a VPN, you can dodge these blocks and enjoy this action-packed show from anywhere. 

Dive into our essential guide on how to stream Expedition Unknown season 13 online. Discover how to use a VPN to unlock the show, get an exciting preview, explore cast details, delve into the episode guide, and watch the official trailer.

Where Can You Access Expedition Unknown Season 13

The two-part show is available in the US on Discovery Channel, Discovery+, Max, and Philo on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at 9 pm ET. 

Streaming Service Pricing Starts At Available Locations
Discovery+ $4.99 per month (with ads) US
Max $9.99 per month with ads US
Philo $25 per month US

We suggest watching the 13th season of Expedition Unknown on Discovery+, as it’s the cheapest option available. Discovery+ offers a vast library of real-life entertainment, including exclusive originals, hit shows, and documentaries across genres like true crime, adventure, food, and lifestyle.  

How to Watch Expedition Unknown Season 13 Online With a VPN

Using a VPN to access geo-restricted streaming services is a breeze. Set up your VPN, connect it to a US server, and follow these easy steps to start watching without any hassle:

  1. Get a VPN with US servers (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN into your device(s).
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect it to an American server.
  4. Access Discovery+, Max, or Philo and begin streaming the show.

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Why Should a VPN Be Used to Watch Expedition Unknown Season 13?

Expedition Unknown season 13 is available on Discovery+, Max, and Philo, but these platforms are geo-restricted outside the US due to copyright laws and broadcasting rights. Without a VPN, viewers outside the US are out of luck.

If you try to access this title on Discovery+ outside the US without a VPN, a geo-restricted error message will appear on your screen, stating, “Soon...But Not Quite Yet. discovery+ is not yet available in this location. We can’t wait to bring discovery+ to your part of the world.”

Discovery Plus geo-block error message

Trying to access Max or Philo outside the US will result in similar geo-restriction error messages. NordVPN is the perfect solution. This VPN unblocks multiple streaming services and offers fast speeds for smooth streaming by masking your real IP address.

NordVPN is one of the top-rated personal VPNs, offering stellar privacy and security features. Its extensive server network and impressive speeds ensure smooth browsing, media streaming, gaming, and downloads for an uninterrupted experience.

How to Stream Expedition Unknown Season 13 Online from Abroad

Expedition Unknown season 13 hasn’t announced a release date or platform for the UK, Canada, or Australia yet. But with a robust VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and stream the show from anywhere in the world.

If you’re having trouble streaming the show, our detailed article will get you set up quickly, ensuring you can watch the 13th season without delays.

How to Watch Expedition Unknown Season 13 in the US

The title can be streamed in the US on Discovery Channel from June 19, 2024, at 9 pm ET. You can also watch it on Discovery+. An ad-supported version of Discovery+ costs $4.99 monthly, while an ad-free version costs $8.99. Access Expedition Unknown season 13 for free via the service’s 7-day free trial for new subscribers. The channel is also available on the following platforms:


In the two-part season premiere of Expedition Unknown, Josh sets out to find the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, the legendary conqueror whose treasure-filled resting place has been one of history's greatest mysteries. 

In Egypt, a team believes they're close to this archaeological holy grail, while divers search the Mediterranean depths for signs of the royal burial site. Meanwhile, a British historian thinks he may have located Alexander's sarcophagus and mummified remains in a surprising location.

Josh also ventures above the Arctic Circle to search for rare wreckage from a Barracuda, a World War II torpedo bomber designed to destroy Nazi warships. In Tanzania, he explores the ocean floor for Africa's Atlantis, potentially uncovering the lost city of Rhapta, a legendary trading hub at the edge of the Roman Empire. 

Back in the United States, Josh hunts for treasure stolen during the American Revolution and tracks down the loot from the nation's first train robbers. Lastly, he embarks on a quest across three continents to find the stolen bones of the real St. Nicholas, the saint who inspired the legend of Santa Claus.


Episode Schedule


Final Thoughts

Join Josh Gates as he hunts down the world's greatest mysteries, from Alexander the Great's tomb to the lost city of Rhapta, in the thrilling 13th season of Expedition Unknown, now streaming on Discovery+, and more in the US. If you're traveling abroad, use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the show from any location.

NordVPN is the ultimate choice for media streaming, offering features like high-end data encryption, Smart DNS, Threat Protection, and Meshnet. The built-in kill switch safeguards your data from leaks if your VPN connection drops, blocking your device’s web access until the VPN is restored.

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