Encrypt.me Absorbs Buffered VPN Through an Integration Merger

  • Encrypt.me will absorb Buffered VPN services and customers, without raising the costs.
  • Buffered VPN was a privacy-champion but lacked server numbers, while Encrypt.me is the opposite.
  • Smaller VPN brands continue to become parts of larger conglomerates, as investors buy them in bulk.

Encrypt.me announced that they will be merging with Buffered VPN, assimilating the product’s services and all of its clients. The existing subscribers of the Buffered VPN platform will not be asked to pay anything additional during this transition, although they will enjoy upgraded services from now on. This upgrade will be based on the addition of server network infrastructure, live-chat support, and updated applications on all platforms. Most importantly, they will now get the full set of benefits that stems from NetProtect’s expertise in the field, as well as their extensive technical capabilities.

Remember, NetProtect is part of the J2 Global family, a firm that has formed one of the largest VPN conglomerates, owning SaferVPN, Encrypt.me, IPVanish, StrongVPN, VPNHub, and now Buffered VPN. As we have discussed before, the VPN industry is growing rapidly, and investors are looking to buy smaller service providers in order to reap the financial gains in the future. J2 Global is one of these aggressive investors, along with AnchorFree who also owns another nine VPN brands already. What we often see in these ventures is the combination or sharing of technical infrastructure, but it is unknown if any of Buffered’s servers will continue their operation in this new chapter.

As we clarified, the existing subscribers of Buffered will keep their deals for life not until the end of the running subscription period, and there will be no price change. There’s a certain difference between the two (from $79/year to $149.99/year), but NetProtect hopes to convince the newcomers and win their trust in the meantime. Based on what they were getting from Buffered VPN until today, these people will expect ultimate privacy levels and protection against all types of data leaks. Buffered had limited servers and streaming support, but the levels of security and privacy were at the top.

Encrypt.me on the other side does great on the sector of server infrastructure and performance, but not that well on security and privacy. They like to collect plenty of user data, from the moment you visit their website until the time the VPN is set up and running on the computer. Moreover, in August 2019, a security audit by SecurityInnovation identified two security issues that have now been fixed. Hopefully, the two will combine their strengths, offering a better product for the customers in the end.

Are you using Buffered VPN? Will you be trusting Encrypt.me from now on? Let us know of your views in the comments section down below, or on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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