Does Paramount Plus Have Ads?

By Gabriela Vatu / March 5, 2021

Since Paramount Plus is finally here, we're curious to know whether or not there are any ads we need to worry about.

The answer to this question is that it all depends on the subscription you choose to go for. There are two subscription plans here - Limited Commercials and Commercial Free.

Therefore, if you have the Limited Commercials plan, you'll get to watch quite a few ads. Not only will they be available in the live stream, but also during your streaming sessions.

Also, starting with June, the base tier will drop by $1 per month, down to $5 per month. More limitations will be implemented then, too, like subscribers will not have access to the whole catalog, and while they may be able to watch some sports, not all NFL games will be included.

The upper tier, however, nowadays called Commercial-Free, costs $10 per month. That price includes access to everything Paramount Plus has to offer, including some 30,000 TV show episodes, over 2,500 movies. It will feature about 1,000 live sports events each year, including from the NFL, Masters, PGA Tour, NCAA, Sec, UEFA events, etc. Aside from the live streams, which will include ads, you will see no ads with this plan. Of course, if you playback the live streams, the ads will be taken out.

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